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AN denounces censorship of Venezuela on Social Networks

Deputy Ricardo González rejected the psychological war against the government

The National Assembly (AN) in its session this Tuesday, opened a debate to denounce the growing censorship applied on social networks against the government management of President Nicolás during recent weeks.

The president of the Communication Subcommittee, Ricardo González, explained that censorship has been applied through the use of algorithms, segmentation of content and use of programming, which - he stated - prevents the truth about Venezuela from being known to the world.

The PSUV parliamentarian added in his speech that through the dictatorship of the algorithm it seems logical to give rise to psychological warfare campaigns and dirty war operations planned and promoted by some so-called “influencers”, some figures who make use of war propaganda. and that incite hatred, publishing them on social networks as if they were entertainment information.

In this sense, the deputy urged the owners of the companies that manage social networks worldwide to understand that Venezuela will never give up.

“No one is silent about Venezuela,” said González, while asserting that Venezuela constitutes “a bad example” for North American imperialism, because it is a people that does not allow itself to be dominated.

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, has repeatedly denounced the information “blackout” on the networks about the positive things that are happening in Venezuela, for which he has urged the people, and especially young people, to highlight their talent and interest to launch a communication counteroffensive through digital platforms.

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