AN classified as positive possible return of China Petroleum to the country

The president of the Hydrocarbons Subcommittee, Deputy William Rodríguez, described as highly positive the possible return to Venezuela of the world's largest oil company, China National Petroleum Corp, whose board of directors showed interest in returning under the proposal to make sanctions more flexible by from the United States.

According to an informative note published on the Parliament's website, Deputy William Rodríguez explained that specialists in the hydrocarbon market know that the production area needs sufficient resources to reactivate matters concerning the drilling and maintenance of wells, in order to to recover production again.

To substantiate his assertions, Rodríguez recalled that China Petroleum was one of the main investors in the Venezuelan oil area, but in 2019 it was forced to leave the country in the face of pressure from the United States Government that made its prices on the stock market securities, and their investments around the world, will be affected by the US sanctions.

Faced with this situation, Deputy William Rodríguez believes that Joe Biden's administration will find it necessary to lift the sanctions, because it is precisely the US companies that are most affected, which have interests in the associations they have built with PDVSA and they are the ones who are pressing for the lifting of the economic blockade and the coercive measures to allow them to enter the oil wells.

In the opinion of the president of the Hydrocarbons Subcommittee, Venezuela has guaranteed the sovereignty of the management of its resources and its companies.

For the deputy William Rodríguez indicated that as long as the start-up of the El Palito refinery, which is in process, is resolved, Venezuela will be in a position to supply the entire market and even to export gasoline.

Position of the US regarding dialogue in Mexico

Rodríguez stated that the position of the United States in the face of the dialogue process in Mexico is extremely sectarian and brutally interfering, because it only seeks to extend the measures of expropriation and theft of the nation's international accounts and to go against the assets of Venezuelan oil. like Citgo in the United States and Monómeros in Colombia.

He stressed that the dialogue process has progressively advanced, “especially because it is dealing with the part of the stateless opposition that attacked the country's international assets, which conspired for Venezuelan society to implode and shouted for the blocking of the accounts international, in addition to arriving at the gall to request military intervention ”.

Regarding the sabotage of the National Electric System last Sunday, he said that this is part of the violent strategy of desperate groups that try to destabilize the country, to return with the script of the spiral of violence and once again, to try to distort democratic stability in our country.



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