Maduro: We have come to Carabobo free, undefeated and invincible

In the image, President Nicolás Maduro, inaugurated monuments in tribute to the Bicentennial of Carabobo. Photo: Presidential Press

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, affirmed this Tuesday that "We have arrived in Carabobo free, undefeated as yesterday and invincible forever."

From the Campo de Carabobo Monumental Complex, the Head of State began the days of commemoration of the 200 years of the victory of the Battle of Carabobo and the consolidation of the birth of Colombia, "the great one, of the independence of Venezuelan soil." .

Maduro said that 200 years later "here we are a united and victorious people, standing and proud of their history."

The dignitary called to consolidate Latin American unity while emphasizing that the construction of the union in action on the basis of solidarity passes through the reunification of the peoples. "We have to consolidate it in the rebellion that the history of our peoples must possess against injustice, inequalities and manipulation."

In this sense, Maduro indicated that world leaders must bet on the construction of a free homeland in line with the ideal of the Liberator Simón Bolívar, who understood that "no one will be able to build their independence alone" and undertook the Southern Campaigns for the South American liberation.

“Either we are all free or no one is free, or there is a Latin American and Caribbean homeland for everyone or there is no homeland for anyone, that was the Liberator's proclamation. For us the Homeland is America, that is why we Bolivarians when we speak of the Great Homeland we speak of the sublime and greatest love to which we must dedicate our whole lives, ”he stressed.

He regretted that the extremist policy of the House of Nariño caused the separation of Colombia and Venezuela, the epicenter of the dream of the Great Homeland of the Liberator Simón Bolívar.

“Never before - in 200 years - have we been so separated from Colombia, the product of a criminal policy and hatred of the Colombian oligarchy. How much is it going to cost to heal hatred, wounds and reunify the Great Homeland from the rebellious spirit of the peoples of Colombia and Venezuela? "

He stressed that, despite the destabilization maneuvers that are being woven from other borders against Venezuela, "we have arrived in Carabobo free, undefeated as yesterday and invincible forever."

President Maduro said that the empires of the world think geopolitics, the liberators too, two giants Fidel and Chávez, also think geopolitics.

He added that ALBA was and continues to be the political, territorial and ideological base for the construction of unity in action in Latin America and the Caribbean. "When they founded Petrocaribe, they thought about liberating 18 countries in this Caribbean region energetically and financially, when they founded ALBA, they thought based on solidarity, cooperation and mutual support to liberate all of Latin America and the Caribbean," Maduro said.

2030 will open the doors to a new era of unity, work and prosperity

The national leader recalled that it was Commander Hugo Chávez who set this date, 2021, to arrive free, sovereign, upright, standing, proud of the historic, "giving the example to America of how to fight for a homeland that is loves ».

«The Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez was the one who resurrected the sacred and great history of Venezuela, the one who brought Bolívar and the Liberators to march alongside the people (…) May the Homeland rise up great and victorious always in the spirit of Carabobo, in the eternal and sacred flame of Bolívar! ", Said President Maduro.

He also recalled that Bolívar's project was pending, frozen in time, he was betrayed in his time over and over again, “but his project was sown in history and our Revolution, in his birth certificate on February 04, 1992 , marked its independence and Bolivarian character, forever, "said Maduro.

"1821-2021, heading to 2030 free, breaking the curse of betrayal (...) From these 200 years we will open the doors to a new era of union, love, work, prosperity and growth," he said.

President Maduro explained that the Spanish empire had 14 thousand perfectly uniformed and armed soldiers on Venezuelan lands, the liberating armies did not exceed 8 thousand moderately uniformed and armed men.

He said that the Liberator's campaign sought to distract, divide the powerful forces they had throughout the northern coastal area of ​​Venezuela and New Granada.

«For this, he sent the eastern army with Bermúdez to the front to take Caracas, La Victoria and then in retreat to cause the attraction effect so that the powerful armies of the King left behind them (…) In this way, he took away the ability to come against Bolívar's troops that were beginning to gather around the area of ​​Tinaquillo, Taguanes and San Carlos, "he said.

He pointed out that Bolívar achieved the objective of diversion and division of the Spanish forces and achieved unity of command as supreme commander, as president of Colombia and head of the united liberating army.

«It was not just any army, Pablo Morillo was not just any general, he was the one with the greatest prestige, knowledge and preparation at that time (…) A well thought out campaign to disperse (…) Bolívar used diversionary operations to weaken the very powerful, armed forces of the Spanish army ”, highlighted the dignitary.

He noted that Bolívar achieved the political, military and territorial union of the united provinces of Venezuela and then marched to Caracas and on June 29 entered his hometown.



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