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They ask to speed up the debate for the Organic Water Law

The Organic Water Law project was approved by the AN, in the first discussion, in 2021

The president of the National Assembly (AN), deputy Jorge Rodríguez, asked the Permanent Administration and Services Commission for the status of the Organic Water Law Project, approved in the first discussion on June 9, 2021.

The highest authority of the Legislature indicated that after hearing the report on the project, it will be incorporated into the legislative agenda that is currently underway.

The instruction of the president of the AN is a response to the concern presented by the deputy of the Parliamentary Opposition Bloc, Carlos Melo (AD/Nacional), who reminded the Plenary Chamber of the difficulties that Venezuelans are experiencing in terms of water.

The deputy to the National Assembly (AN) for the Democratic Alliance, Carlos Melo, urged Parliament on Tuesday to debate – as a matter of urgency – the Organic Water Law.

"The issue of water has become a complicated, difficult problem, above all because the right to access to water is human, and consequently all of us who are here have faced the difficulties that having access to water implies," Melo expressed before beginning the ordinary session of Parliament.

The parliamentarian highlighted the work carried out by the Permanent Administration and Service Commission, and reiterated the need to add the start of the second discussion of this law in the next debates.

“I wanted to ask that it be expedited in some way, since it is on the list of laws to be discussed, that the discussion be expedited (…) I think the war will be over the issue of water. We all saw the situation in Spain and in the US due to the scarcity of water,” Melo stressed.

Faced with this situation, the president of the AN, Jorge Rodríguez, asked the Commission to present the progress of the law to the Board of Directors, to speed up the debate.

The text was approved in 2021, in first discussion.

The purpose of this Organic Law is to establish the provisions that govern the integral management of water, its quality, quantity, its uses, its access as a fundamental human right, the provision of its services, purification, distribution and sanitation, since these are a an irreplaceable and indispensable resource for life, human well-being and the sustainable development of the country, due to its strategic nature and of maximum interest to the Nation as it represents an element of State security; refers to the web portal of the National Assembly.

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