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Yaracuyano state parliament is installed with renewed Chavista majority

This Thursday the new Legislative Council of the Yaracuy State (Cley) was installed with the 9 representatives elected on November 21, new members, of which 7 are released in the seats and 2 were re-elected. The majority was made up of 7 legislators from the revolutionary forces and 2 from the opposition.

The event was held at the Government Palace of Yaracuy, where the parliamentarians held their first ordinary session in which they appointed re-elected deputy Ángel Gamarra as president, Nelby Galindez as vice president and Luis Álvarez as secretary of the Chamber.

Also members of the state legislative body are the deputies of the revolutionary forces Angela Rangel, Deibi Ocanto, Nelby Galindez, Héctor Martínez and Shirley Romero, the latter being reelected for this new period. Representing the opposition are legislators Ricardo Mendoza (MUD), and Jorge García (Alianza Democrática).

Gamarra in his first speech to the head of the presidency of the Yaracuyana legislature said that: “despite the difficulties experienced this year, we will continue to work based on the three essential elements: produce laws for the people, control the resources sent by the Executive regional and enforce the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

He commented that the state parliament will remain open to the people "to advance in the construction of a good homeland." He also stressed that a close relationship of respect and recognition will be established with all sectors that will make an active life in parliament.

Finally, he indicated that "the new bloc of the Homeland will continue to promote and deepen the Revolution, and create strategies that allow the transfer of all power to the people."