Vice President of Venezuela will visit Cuba

The executive vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, will make a working visit to Cuba this Monday, March 8, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported today.

On this occasion, the trip of the leader of the South American country is due to the celebration of the XXI Mixed Intergovernmental Commission Cuba-Venezuela, and as part of her stay on the island she will hold talks with authorities, among other activities, reports PrensaLatina.

Last January Rodríguez spoke with the Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, when he traveled to Havana at the head of a Venezuelan government delegation.

At the meeting, both leaders highlighted the excellent state of relations and discussed issues of mutual interest and the regional and international situation.

Then the Cuban president ratified his country's solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic, while the executive vice president repudiated Washington's decision to include the Caribbean nation in the unilateral list of states that supposedly sponsor terrorism.

Rodríguez commented to the press about the agreement regarding the creation of a binational observatory to confront unilateral, coercive and illegal measures by the United States and other countries.

He also made reference to the benefits of the Anti-Blockade Law for National Development and the Guarantee of Human Rights, approved in Caracas on October 8.



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