Vice President Rodríguez described Pence's position in favor of Guaidó as a ridiculous position


The Executive Vice President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, described as ridiculous, the position of her counterpart from the United States (USA), Mike Pence, who reiterated once again his support for Juan Guaidó.

Through her account on the social network Twitter, Vice President Rodríguez emphasized that with the US position in reference to Venezuela, the nation celebrates "the most thunderous political failure in recent times."

“Ridiculous size that of Mr. Mike Pence, celebrating the most resounding political failure of his interventionist and coup history in recent times: Juan Guaidó. Venezuela will continue to stand with President Nicolás Maduro at the forefront and changes could be seen very soon: But in the US, ”Rodríguez said on the social network. 

The message is in response to a publication made by Pence on the social network, in which he recalled that the US was the first country to support the attempted coup d'état carried out by Guaidó in January 2019, when he proclaimed himself «president in charge " from Venezuela. 



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