Venezuelan government calls for "early agreements" that benefit the people

Photo: Wilmer Errades

During his speech on the occasion of the formal installation of the Dialogue Table between the Venezuelan Government and the extremist sector of the opposition, the head of the Venezuelan delegation, Jorge Rodríguez urged to work on the construction of early agreements that benefit the people .

"Let us advance in rapid and urgent agreements to protect the Venezuelan people (...) from the constitutional government led by President Nicolás Maduro, it is of the utmost urgency that early agreements appear that allow us to bring more hope to the people of Venezuela in the development of these talks" , he indicated.

Rodríguez urged us to take care of the hope of the people and act "with our ability, our audacity, our intelligence, to achieve points of convergence beyond the differences that summon us today."

"The job now is to find where we find points of confluence to guarantee the happiness of the people of Venezuela, to guarantee that our people can receive their reward, that no one destroys what has been advanced, that no one attacks what we are starting today," asked.

"Let's work hard and that nothing makes us back down," he insisted and emphasized that the Venezuelan delegation came "to say we all achieved it, we managed that the controversies of Venezuelans for political or social reasons can be settled between Venezuelans and Venezuelans without any kind of interference beyond what we have now heard here.



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