Venezuela urges to respect UN charter and consolidate multilateralism

During his digital participation in the 64th session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, the National Anti-Drug Superintendent, MG. Richard López Vargas called for strengthening multilateralism and respect for the United Nations Charter, highlighting that Venezuela “maintains the status granted by the United Nations of being a country free of illicit crops, where there is no endemic drug trafficking problem. , nor a high prevalence in consumption ”.

According to the official account of the Chancellery of the Republic of the social network [email protected]López Vargas asserted that our country "vigorously rejects the unilateral lists or certifications that politically prejudge the efforts of the States in addressing the drug problem and undermine the pillars of international cooperation."

"We reiterate that to transcend towards more effective control and prevention strategies, it is necessary to understand that without strengthening multilateralism and respecting the United Nations Charter, little can be done to stop this evil that afflicts humanity" - expressed via videoconference the National Anti-Drug Superintendent.

Next, he made it clear that despite the unilateral coercive measures, the government authorities have implemented comprehensive policies to constantly combat the scourge of drug trafficking and psychotropic substances. "Despite the limitations, Venezuela has been implementing important actions in the fight against drugs with a comprehensive approach, not only in the area of ​​supply reduction but also aimed at reducing demand," said M / G Richard Lopez

López Vargas added that "the current context of the pandemic demands today more than ever effective international cooperation with coordinated, comprehensive and multidisciplinary actions based on scientific data and selective and non-politicized management."

Referring to the challenges and obstacles that our country must face in the current international geopolitics, the National Anti-Drug Superintendent indicated that “the imposition of unilateral coercive measures, the manipulation of realities about our actions against drug trafficking, and the absence of cooperation of certain countries, are part of the challenges and difficulties that Venezuela must face "

Another aspect that the senior official alluded to has to do with "the permanent commitment" that our country has adopted in its fight against drug trafficking, always maintaining "an unrestricted adherence to the international obligations that govern the matter."



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