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Venezuela incorporates 2 new Cuban drugs against covid-19

The Executive Vice President of the Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, reported this Saturday that Venezuela has decided to incorporate two new drugs produced in Cuba into the treatment scheme to attend the pandemic.

The vice president explained that one of these drugs is an antiviral for critically ill and critically ill patients, which has had very good results in the treatment and control of Covid-19 in Cuba.

The second medicine is preventive. “The Committee has already studied the composition of these drugs and we have decided to incorporate them. President Nicolás Maduro gave the go-ahead for them to be incorporated into treatment schemes, ”he said.

"Cuba has been one of the countries that has most helped other countries in the world against the combat of Covid-19. There is Cuba first class, honoring and raising its flag. How many doctors have not gone and have not crossed their borders to go help other towns? the Vice President asked herself.  

Finally, he stressed that Cuba and Venezuela are countries that go hand in hand with cooperation and brotherhood. "Cuba and Venezuela are examples to follow of what should be the relationship between free nations in the world," he said.  

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