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Venezuela demands that the US remove Cuba from the terrorism list

Foreign Minister Yván Gil recalled that it is "a demand of the vast majority of the international community"

The Chancellor of the Republic, Yván Gil, on behalf of the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela, demanded that those who govern in Washington “immediately remove Cuba from the infamous list of countries that supposedly sponsor terrorism.”

“As has been demanded by the vast majority of the international community,” Gil emphasized in a post on the X network.

He reiterated that “solidarity with the Cuban government and people, who have not only been victims of international terrorism, but are attacked through the application of criminal measures and an unjust and illegal economic blockade.”

It is worth remembering that last May 15, 2024, the Secretary of State of the United States sent to Congress one more of the “arbitrary reports that usually qualify countries, without any mandate or international recognition.”

In this case, it lists four countries that supposedly “do not fully cooperate with United States counterterrorism efforts in calendar year 2023.” Among them and unlike recent years, Cuba is not mentioned slanderously, the Cuban Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

However, the State Department itself maintains Cuba on a list that designates states that supposedly “sponsor” terrorism. “This is an absolutely unilateral and unfounded list, whose sole purpose is to slander and serve as a pretext for the adoption of coercive economic measures against sovereign States, such as those mercilessly applied against Cuba.”

Cuban authorities asserted that it is not enough to recognize that Cuba cooperates fully with the United States. “It also does so with the international community as a whole. It is a known truth and no attempt should be made to confuse public opinion. “The President of the United States has every prerogative to act honestly and do the right thing.”

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