Venezuela delivered a protest note to Germany, Spain, France and the Netherlands

Venezuela delivered, this Wednesday, protest notes to the ambassadors of Germany, Spain, France and the Netherlands after the imposition of sanctions against 19 Venezuelan officials, informed the Minister of the Popular Power for Foreign Relations, Jorge Arreaza.

The also Chancellor indicated that Germany, France, the Netherlands and Spain promoted the new attacks against the country, which was denied by the diplomatic representatives.

“Presumably, ambassadors should know the United Nations Charter and the Constitution of the country where they have been accredited, but it seems that this is not the case. Diplomats have insisted that the expulsion does not help and we have told them that what does not help are the decisions made by the European Union, "he said, referring to the 72-hour period for the EU ambassador to leave the country. Isabel Brilhante Pedroza, after being declared unwelcome person.

He stressed that the document was delivered to the ambassadors along with a copy of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic and the Charter of the United Nations.

“Hopefully they reflect, respect the Venezuelan Constitution, the Charter of the United Nations; otherwise we would be forced by the circumstances to continue defending our people, our independence, "reiterated the Chancellor.

Likewise, Arreaza, demanded that the diplomatic authorities respect the Constitution, the laws, and international laws. "We hope for a Europe that plays a constructive role not only for Venezuela, for Latin America and for the world."



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