Venezuela claims revolutionary model of health and guarantee of life

The Executive Vice President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez affirmed that the National Government claimed, within the framework of the International Health Day, the revolutionary model of defense of health and guarantee of the life of the people, in the face of a negative impact of the global health situation of the coronavirus.

The Senior official clarified that in Venezuela the damage suffered by the national economy is due in large proportion to the "criminal" unilateral coercive measures, which directly affect the Venezuelan people. "I want to delve into a set of announcements made by President Nicolás Maduro, within the framework of how to help the workers of our country, the different economic sectors of the country, in the midst of a terrible pandemic that has hit the whole of humanity" .

Delcy Rodríguez said that the growth projections in the world for 2021 present better expectations, since the general economic contraction of (-) 3,5% in 2020, which reflects a marked general reduction of goods and services in advanced economies of (-) 4,9%; while in the euro area it was (-) 7,2%; in Spain, of (-) 11% and the United Kingdom, with (-) 10%.

“Imagine the impact on Venezuela, which in addition to fighting the virus, is a country burdened by criminal unilateral coercive measures, where the impact of the criminal blockade was felt even more. Despite this, in 2020, President Nicolás Maduro issued a set of measures, of actions to protect the national economy, but mainly to preserve the life and health of our people. And to guarantee the right to national development ”- expressed Rodríguez.

He recalled that on March 4, the Head of State announced to the country the arrival of the Brazilian variant P1 and P2, “a very aggressive variant, hyper-contagious, it is a variant that impacts 60% and increases the death rate. Venezuela, like other South American countries, is being impacted by the circulation of this variant, but our country even more, because we are neighbors with Brazil and there is no type of epidemiological and sanitary agreement with Brazilian authorities, in the midst of this pandemic of the Covid-19 ".

She clarified that “fortunately the President had announced that Venezuela will have its vaccination process starting in the first four months of 2021. We were the first country on the continent to participate in phase 3 of the Sputnik-V vaccine in September last year, because of The negotiations began early and in the COVAX mechanism a few days ago we had a video conference with the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. There we reviewed Venezuela's access to vaccines, through this United Nations mechanism, in conjunction with global private sectors. We have had a direct contact mechanism with the authorities, making all possible steps to guarantee the vaccination of the Venezuelan people and achieve mass immunity in our country.

“97% of the infected people are treated in the public health system and the remaining 3% are treated by the private sector in coordination with the National Executive, maintaining a single scheme in the treatment of Covid-19 approved by the Commission Presidential and scientists who have been giving direction on this matter. ”- said the senior official.

He added that the serious and professional recommendation of the scientific experts against the Aztrazeneca vaccine is not to accept this vaccine, because it puts the health of the people at risk. “Always ahead of the interest for the life and health of our people, that no other interest comes in the way. Here we do not need politicking by the extremists of the Venezuelan right, but the union of our people ”. He also thanked Parliament for the effort it has made to achieve the possibility of accessing the Covax mechanism ”.

Next, he reaffirmed that the National Executive will maintain social programs to support the Venezuelan people. “We reinvindicate the social programs, the social actions to protect the health of our people. And today, international health day, we claim access to universal and free Health that is promoted by Bolivarian socialism, a fundamental pillar to combat and control the chains of infections to serve our patients, under the modality of house by house, looking for cases, to serve them and through the Homeland system, the surveys are carried out.

The Minister for National Commerce Eneida Laya, together with the Vice Minister of Digital Economy, Banking; Seguros y Bolsa was part of the team in the design of protection actions on behalf of President Nicolás Maduro, pointing out that in the set of announcements of the Head of State it is diversified by sectors.

Social bonds for sectors of greater vulnerability

Regarding the announcements of the Head of State, he said that the "Stay at home" bonus is being resumed, favoring 2 workers in small businesses, who have had to stay at home in the context of the pandemic, for what “the owners of the aforementioned companies must send the lists of their workers to the Patria system, as they did last year, so that it can be checked with the Social Security to verify the veracity of the same and the worker must confirm that he is a worker of that company ”.

Then there is the bonus for non-dependent workers who are on the street, which will be paid in two moments for 4 million people. Likewise, he reiterated that evictions from commercial premises and residences are prohibited; as well as the extension of the job tenure until December. "The 25% exemption on electricity and water services duly registered through the Patria system."

“Also prohibition to reclassify credit risk. In very Venezuelan terms, if you do not pay on time, they classify it as good pay; not being able to cancel their debts "- detailed

When delving into the issue of the decree to impose tariffs on imported products, he said that "this is a decree that is aimed at protecting national production and may Venezuela have more income in foreign currency, as well as the substitution of imports."



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