Activation of a plan to preserve peace in Barinas

The announcement was made known by Mayor Rafael Paredes, in the company of Iris Varela; vice president of the AN.

Authorities of the state of Barinas will activate a strategic plan of public order to guarantee peace and security in the entire llanera entity.

The announcement was made known by the mayor of the city of Barinas, Rafael Paredes, in the company of the vice president of the National Assembly (AN), the Zone Commander for Internal Order No. 33 of the Bolivarian National Guard in the entity. , G / B Leonardo Vinci Bonetto and other heads of the police forces.

Paredes explained that through the civic-military-police union they remain vigilant and deployed throughout the municipality in the face of destabilization attempts by the opposition.

The mayor denounced that the candidate for Governor for the Democratic Unity Table is promoting violent events, but situations such as those registered in 2017 will not be allowed to occur, in which Barinas was subjected to terrorist acts, leaving a death toll and hundreds of looted shops.

He stated that they will apply the full weight of the law to those who commit acts of violence and, in accordance with the Constitution, the rights of the people to live in peace are guaranteed.

“We are not going to allow free movement to be violated, nor disturbances of public order, much less the chaos that the opposition seeks to generate. These defeated and losing people must respect the will of the people and not lend themselves to sabotaging and generating destabilization, ”he said.



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