They investigate memory and account of the governor of Anzoátegui

President of the Legislative Council of Anzoátegui state, Yolimar Ledezma described the management report as "mockery"

The president of the Legislative Council of the Anzoátegui state, Yolimar Ledezma, announced that the 2020 Management Administrative Report presented by Governor Antonio Barreto Sira presents irregularities that will be investigated.

He announced that "the pertinent measures will be taken according to our competences for the respective investigation that derive from the control work that we owe ourselves."

At a press conference held this Tuesday, March 6 at the Legislative Palace of Barcelona, ​​he described the 335-page summary of the Government's economic and financial exercise as a “mockery”.

He asserted that it presents inconsistencies in population data, spelling errors and denotes the inability to manage, "because for a year it did not favor sectors such as housing, public transportation and did not grant loans to any of the 2 communities in the state."

Accompanied by the other parliamentarians, Ledezma explained that on page 68 it says that the communities did not receive credits to meet their needs because they did not request support for consulting and project formulation.

Ledezma also referred to the specific case of the issue of technical aids in health and food, noting that "Barreto in his management during 2020 served 756 people, that is, an average of 4 people per day."

Regarding entrepreneurship, the report and account reveals that only 12 financings were granted through the Government, "incredible when the state already has a database of female and male entrepreneurs that exceeds 4 thousand records in the 21 municipalities."

"We will continue to deepen the evaluation of the report, and in the coming days we will be presenting more details of Barreto's mockery," he said.



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