Venezuela denounces blockade of US $ 10 million for the purchase of vaccines from Covax

The vice president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez denounced that as a result of the blockade and the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States, the last 4 payments of the Covax plan to acquire the vaccines against covid-19 have been blocked and are under investigation. follow the immunization process in the country.

He announced that 10 million dollars destined to complete payments from the Covax system were "blocked" by the receiving bank for an "investigation", delaying the country's access to anticovid-19 vaccines through this WHO mechanism.

"Venezuela paid, but in the last tranche the bank said: no, these 10 million are blocked," explained the vice president during her participation in an economic forum broadcast on state television.

At the closing of the International Academic Conference "Unilateral Coercive Measures: Disrespect for International Law and Generation of Serious Human Consequences", she emphasized that this type of actions are part of the terrible effects to the detriment of the country, given the latent inequality of access to vaccines, where "only 10 countries concentrate 87% of vaccines in the world."

The senior official added that "The blocked countries, today more than 30 countries also have the difficulty of the blockade against our peoples to access treatments, equipment, vaccines and the Covax system was created and Venezuela with great sacrifice paid the fee of 120 million of dollars that correspond to have access to the batch of vaccines and immunize a significant percentage of the population.

She reported that “on June 7 our ambassador in Geneva, Héctor Constant Rosales receives a communication from Covax, where he tells him and I am going to read verbatim 'since April 13 the Gavi association has received 12 transactions from Venezuela, for an amount of 109 million 968 thousand 81 dollars, leaving a balance of 10 million 31 thousand dollars'… Why this balance? Venezuela paid the full fee that Covax requires, but the last 4 payments that reach an amount of 10 million 31 thousand dollars were blocked and this is what Covax tells us, where it says: 'in relation to the four payments mentioned, it confirmed that we have received notification from UBS Bank that payments have been blocked and are under investigation. ' They use the word blocked the resources for the payment of the vaccines for Venezuela, through the Covax mechanisms ”.

She clarified that “Venezuela passed, but in the last section they blocked the resources in the exercise of hegemonic power and the powers that be, such as the International Financial System, in violation of international law and the charter of the United Nations. The countries feel defenseless and we have no mechanisms to turn to ”.

In this sense, she stressed that "unilateral coercive measures are a terrible crime for countries that are geopolitical objectives and have become a kind of blackmail to the peoples, their objective is the change of regime of those countries that are not submissive to the The United States and its allies ”.

“It is a criminal action to try to suffocate Venezuela, it has been a true economic catastrophe. Hence the effort of President Nicolás Maduro to protect the most vulnerable, since there is an economic disturbance due to the financial blockade that is being maintained against our country, despite the health situation of the pandemic ”- she said

Delcy Rodríguez called for reflection to the exclusion of multilateral mechanisms, the disturbance in the very rule of capitalism and "access to medicines is prevented."

"We are 30 countries sanctioned, the list can continue to grow, our call is to the rest of the countries, to add our voices and act together," exhorted the Executive Vice President

“Venezuela is the fifth country that has received sanctions, it is the second country with sanctioned aircraft, it is the fifth country in sanctioned companies. The countries victims of blockades must unite; It is the third country for sanctioned vessels, it is the fifth country for companies sanctioned and it is the sector for people sanctioned ”. "Venezuela ".

Meanwhile, the Foreign Minister of the Republic Jorge Arreaza, through his official account of the social network Twitter, published the communication issued by Covax and that was received by the Venezuelan ambassador in Geneva, Rosales and wrote: denounce the Vice President @delcyrodriguezv, #Venezuela has paid ALL of its commitments with the #COVAX mechanism to acquire vaccines. However, the Bank has arbitrarily “blocked” the latest payments and they are under “investigation”. A crime!"

William Schabas: The ICC has jurisdiction

The Canadian academic specializing in international criminal and human rights law, William Schabas, assured that the coercive measures applied by the United States against countries such as Venezuela "are within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC)."

"With respect to the referral of Venezuela to the ICC, there is an important obstacle: admissibility, which is a fundamental principle of the Court, which will not prosper if the State involved is not willing to participate in the trial," he said in the forum Unilateral coercive measures: disrespect for international law and grave human consequences.
Schabas indicated that the sanctions "are attacks on the civilian population" of these countries.

Measurements are an act of domination

The lawyer and economist Carlos M Correa denounced that the coercive measures not only constitute a clear violation of the United Nations Charter and “their purpose is to overthrow governments, change political systems, these measures have a systemic nature that aims to block the operation of the states".

“Unilateral coercive measures are an act of domination, of aggression; an expression of the exercise of economic power, such as, for example, control over financial transfers ”, he stated.
He compared the sanctions to a military conflict "unlike a bombing, it is not an instantaneous effect but it has a progressive effect that is maintained over time."

Mark Weisbrot: the economic damage has been terrible

The American economist Mark Weisbrot stressed the illegality and criminal aspect of the unilateral coercive measures that the United States Government supports on Venezuela.

The professor denounced the "terrible economic damage" that the sanctions have generated in the South American country.
“This damage would not have occurred if the sanctions had not been applied; that is, with all the mistakes that the government would have made, this level of devastation would not have been reached without the sanctions, ”he emphasized.

In particular, he referred to the reduction in gross domestic product of more than 75% since 2015. In March of that year, the administration of Barack Obama declared Venezuela as an “unusual and extraordinary threat” to the national security of the States. United.

“I have never seen anything like this before anywhere else in the world, even this resembles some war scenarios. This devastating effect has been a clear result of the sanctions. It creates devastating effects, due to its illegality ”, he said.



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