Decreed Security Zone to the border with Colombia

Minister Padrino announced that special measures will be taken over this territory

The Minister for Defense, Vladimir Padrino López, reported on the creation of the Special Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone for the attention in matters of security and territorial defense of the municipalities Páez, Muñoz and Rómulo Gallegos of the Apure state.

During a press conference offered from the Miraflores Palace, the military chief pointed out that these actions are aimed at guaranteeing the peace and territorial integrity of Venezuela, to which he warned "it is an imperial plan to balkanize the country."

He announced that this new Zodi will be directed by (G / D) Alejandro Benítez Marcano and will have the presence of the 94th Special Black First Brigade which will be under the operational command of (G / B) Wilfredo Medrano Machado. "I know both of them very well and they are generals of my entire confidence," he stressed.

He pointed out that among the measures to be adopted in these municipalities of Aure will be restrictions on land, air and river traffic, as well as the application of special public security plans that deal with groups that intend to generate destabilization in this territory.

"The Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (CeoFanb) in coordination with local and state authorities will establish time restrictions for land, river and air traffic," he explained and indicated that together with the Administrative Service of Identification, Migration and Immigration will proceed to strengthen immigration controls with the use of the fingerprint trap for people who move to and from Colombia.

He warned that among the special measures is the possibility of carrying out inspections of furniture and buildings, as well as applying measures to evict public spaces that are considered, this under strict compliance with the procedures established in Venezuelan laws.

He stressed that these measures ordered by President Nicolás Maduro are aimed at guaranteeing the control of the State in this territory and avoiding the escalation of the war that he assured the United States promotes with the support of Colombia.

"We are not proclaiming victory because we know that they are in a deliberate attrition operation against the Fanb and we are not going to wear ourselves out because we are not going to allow any group, whatever its name, to settle in Venezuela and we are not going to wear ourselves out because this is the war of all the people. Apure is ours, Apure is from Páez's laceros, Apure is from Negro Primero, Apure is from Venezuela and they are not going to take him away from us, ”he said.



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