The scale that will govern the evaluation of applications to the new CNE is approved

Photo: Wilmer Errades

The Electoral Nominations Committee of the National Assembly (AN), approved this Wednesday the Scale that will govern the evaluation of the candidates to the National Electoral Council (CNE), the information was provided by the president of this instance Giuseppe Alessandrello.

"This Scale seeks to increase objectivity when evaluating each of the postulates," Alessandrello said.

He recalled that this Friday the process of applying for rectors to the CNE ends and the evaluation process will begin. «This process is estimated to last 12 days, which is recorded in the checking of the files of each postulate, special verifications of rigor (State Security Organizations, Comptroller General of the Republic, Attorney General of the Republic) to which they are it will consult some essential information of the postulates, and finally the interview to each one of the postulates ».

Alessandrello pointed out that once this entire process is completed, the name of each of the Venezuelans who have successfully completed their evaluation will be published in the national press.

He highlighted the role played by each of the members of this Committee in the renewal of a State Power "and in increasing the confidence of the people in the exercise of the vote and of the electoral authorities."

For his part, Jesús González, a member of the Civil Society Nominations Committee, pointed out that this Scale should consider the knowledge and contributions of the people who will make up the Electoral Power "in terms of their knowledge in the electoral area."

He urged all civil society organizations to apply "it is a citizen duty contemplated in the Magna Carta for the reinstitutionality of the Electoral Power," González concluded.



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