The promoters of the Bicentennial Congress are sworn in in Sucre

Educators and health workers will collect the proposals from their sector. Photo: Bolivarian Government of Sucre Press

In order to unify, re-drive and reorganize the forces in all their structures and levels, in the state of Sucre the promoter team of the Education and Health chapter of the Bicentennial Congress was sworn in.

From the Luis Mariano Rivera Theater, in the city of Cumaná, the Secretary General of the Government, Karenly Sánchez, pointed out that the People's Congress was born to stay. "When force comes together, we make the Bolivarian Revolution irreversible, the call is to continue the fight for the Venezuelan state."

For her part, the head of the state's educational zone, Amanda Jiménez, stressed that this congress is a precise task to guarantee the education of young people and that is why for the next few days the education sector will take the proposals to be discussed.

“We are going to deploy municipality by municipality to evaluate the situations that affect teachers, that is why I make the call to unify as an educational sector, to solve the problems that afflict us, the educational sector still has heroes and heroines within the institutions that they have not left the classrooms ”.

Finally for the health sector, the deputy director of HUAPA, Carmen Rodríguez, said that it will be deployed throughout the state to hear the proposals that will be taken to the national plenary. "We will deploy ourselves to listen to all the ideas that help to strengthen the health system in our state, here Governor Edwin Rojas is the governor of health, because he is always reinvigorating public and quality health."

It is important to highlight that this event was attended by the president of the education subcommittee of the National Assembly, Deputy Marglevys de la Rosa, Dr. Luis Montaño, director of HUAPA, the director of Fundasalud, Neptaly Rodríguez and other representatives that make up the team health and education promoter.

With information from the Press Bolivarian Government of Sucre



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