Saab: To think that April 11, 12 and 13 ended is a historical error

The prosecutor pointed out that the enemies of the country do not cease in their attempts to establish fascism

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab warned that the events of April 2002 cannot be viewed as just another anniversary "because it would be a historical error."

“We must remember April 11, 12 and 13 as a story that has a sequence that has not ended. To think that April 11 ended there is a historical error because the enemy has not allowed Venezuela to be seen as the jewel in the crown, "he said during his speech at the forum" Against fascism, censorship and persecution, "held to commemorate the coup and counter-coup of April 2002.

Saab affirmed that some of the actions that show the continuity of this agenda against the Venezuelan popular government, in addition to the self-proclamation of Juan Guaidó, are the recent events that occurred in Apure with the irregular armed groups of Colombia.

"The events of Apure are the attempt to outsource the war through Colombian mercenaries, supported by the narco-state led (Iván) Duque, is to generate a balkanization, to generate a terrible war but they were defeated once again," he said. .

He insisted that these dates cannot be seen as "an event that happened because if it were up to them in Venezuela a policy of the enemy's land would be applied, because they are neo-Nazi fascists, it is an infinite rage that has been inoculated".

He stressed that from the Government and social movements "we must not stop thinking and organizing the offensive Homeland" and added that over the years "people have to realize how the popular government acts and how the fascists act" .



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