Russian Foreign Ministry: We condemn the US anti-Venezuelan restrictions

Russia on Thursday condemned the criminal sanctions imposed by the United States government against Venezuela, which has prevented it from being able to more effectively deal with covid-19.

"We condemn the US anti-Venezuelan restrictions, which limit Venezuela's ability to effectively combat covid-19," said the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, María Zarájova, during a press conference held this Thursday, AVN refers.

She added that "Russia will continue to provide Venezuela with all kinds of support, fostering mutually beneficial cooperation between our countries."

The Russian spokeswoman also indicated that they are concerned about the worsening situation on the Venezuelan-Colombian border, and urged the Colombian authorities to show goodwill in response to Venezuela's proposals.

In other matters, she referred to US statements about alleged violations of journalists' rights in Russia, “they are bullshit. The pluralism of opinions is something inalienable of the free society, contrary to the liberal dictatorship that is imposed in the United States ”, she asserted.



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