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Rafael Ramírez sworn in as mayor of the Maracaibo municipality

The president of the Maracaibo Municipal Council, Eduardo Vale, swore in a solemn session the newly elected mayor of Maracaibo, Rafael Ramírez for the period 2021-2025. 

Vale expressed that: "the change has arrived and the time of good things for the municipality and that it will be reflected in the management."

The president of the Municipal Council of Maracaibo, stressed that: «The change begins in Maracaibo and the state of Zulia, the change begins after this massive support that the people of Zulia have given to those of us who really want Maracaibo to shine with joy, shine with hope and quality of life for each of the residents and citizens of Maracaibo, "said Vale.

This was followed by the inauguration ceremony of the elected mayor of the city of Maracaibo, Rafael Ramírez, at the Baralt Theater facilities. 

With his right hand raised, Ramírez vowed to carry out his duties to the full. Then the band that accredits him as the new mayor of the Zulia capital was imposed on him.

The mayor of the Maracaibo municipality, stressed that it is a complex challenge and they are willing to provide solutions.

«We swear to Maracaibo to serve you by pursuing excellence; to serve the city with the preparation of a whole team of public servants who always have a clear goal, to provide solutions and answers to the Marabinos ”, expressed Ramírez

He thanked those who, before and during the electoral campaign, supported his proposal to change Maracaibo. And especially he took the opportunity to reiterate the confidence in the workers of the mayor's office. 

“I want them to be proud of being a public servant. Because you are not going to be Rafael Ramírez's workers, you are going to serve Maracaibo with excellence. You are going to serve a city where we want to rescue together that deep pride of being marabinos, "he said.

He reported on the management tasks that concern him immediately, with solid waste collection being the number one priority. “We are going with a collection and cleaning plan for the city and we are determined to work to provide answers to Maracaibo. Here we are and from the first moment, we will make every effort to ensure that this management is successful, whether it be work or solutions ”.

The elected governor of Zulia, Manuel Rosales, Henrique Capriles, elected mayors of other municipalities, deputies to the Legislative Council, councilors, political parties, unions, representatives of Catholic and evangelical churches, as well as members of society were present at the swearing-in. civil.