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Prosecutor Khan: we are creating spaces for dialogue for complementarity

Venezuela and the ICC advance a work plan framed by the principles of complementarity and cooperation

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Karim Khan, reported this Tuesday that spaces and dialogues are being created in the country for complementarity.

“With your support I had the opportunity, Mr. President, to advance the work plan and we agree to create spaces for dialogue for complementarity,” said the ICC Prosecutor.

Upon leaving a second meeting with the Head of state At the Miraflores Palace Khan highlighted the commitment of the Bolivarian Government to incorporate the Rome Statute into the national legislation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

“I think this is something that should be applauded, that you (President Maduro) have also committed and the government of Venezuela to incorporate the Rome Statute into the national legislation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, according to the values ​​of the Constitution of this country. I think this is a very important step, we cannot underestimate it,” he said.

He announced that his delegation will return to the country within three weeks to work together in a technical training and support team, to work together in the agreed areas.

“We are going to internally agree on certain milestones or deadlines to ensure that there is progress, not on one side or the other, we want to move forward with an approach as signed in the memorandum of understanding and complementarity!,” Khan said.

He stressed that, together with the Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, it was agreed to continue "sharing information about the Venezuela II case", focused on the impact that the sanctions of the United States (US) government have on the Venezuelan population.

Among other topics, the need to establish deadlines to continue advancing the agreements signed in 2021 was addressed. 

Likewise, he highlighted that he visited popular areas of Caracas where he shared with the Venezuelan people.

In this regard, she explained that she took a tour of the “Simón Rodríguez” Socialist Mission Base in Petare and held a meeting with the NGO Tinta Violeta in the La Vega parish, dedicated to the defense of women who have suffered domestic violence.

In this sense, he called on men, athletes and artists to raise their voices against this type of violence and not be ashamed. "Mostly men, in gender, are the ones who commit this type of violence, attacking the mothers of the country and it is something that has to be strongly criticized."


The International Criminal Court (ICC) opened its office in Caracas to strengthen cooperation in the context of a spirit of complementarity in judicial matters.

This office will serve to support Venezuela in its efforts to “improve national justice initiatives.”

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