President Maduro announced the acceleration of the mass vaccination process

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President Nicolás Maduro announced that a process of acceleration of mass vaccination in the country will begin between the months of July, August and September.

«Para el mes de octubre debemos tener vacunados cerca del 70% de la población. Venezuela al día de hoy llega a 2.508. 201 vacunados lo que representa el 11.4%. Entre julio, agosto y septiembre vamos a una aceleración de la vacunación», aseguró.

He reported that the goal is to reach 500 thousand people vaccinated daily.

Likewise, he asserted that the Covax mechanism has failed Venezuela: "The Covax mechanism has failed Venezuela, this week they must act or they send us the vaccines or they give us back the money and we know where to go to buy the vaccines that we lack." .

He instructed Vice President Delcy Rodríguez to talk with them and give them an ultimatum and that, if they do not deliver the vaccines, the money is returned

According to the first national president, talks have already started to acquire immunologicals with other providers.

«Estamos en el peor momento de la pandemia»

President Maduro also referred to the new variants of the coronavirus Delta and Delta Plus.

“There are new variants, the Delta variant and the Delta Plus, both are very contagious, more dangerous. The Delta is in 90 countries and the Delta Plus in 30. The #WHO declared that we are in the worst moment of the pandemic ”.

He reported that they have not reached Venezuela but that they are already in Colombia and Brazil, countries bordering Venezuela.

He stated that, given the arrival of so many variants, it is a mistake to eliminate biosecurity measures even when vaccinated.

He recognized that in Venezuela there is a social fatigue of the Coronavirus that occurs after 16 months living a different reality than what we were used to. However, he emphasized the need to maintain biosecurity measures.

Regarding the greater presence of people during the weeks of radical quarantine, Maduro assured that Venezuela is experiencing a deep economic reactivation and that has generated gigantic groups of citizens who take to the streets.

«El 7 + 7 ha servido de mucho. Los números nos indican que los 7 de cuarentena sale mucha gente a la calles, pero la gente se está cuidando mucho. El mantener un cuidado redunda en el beneficio colectivo».



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