Political parties will choose position on the electoral ballot from 9 to 11-Sept

The president of the National Electoral Council, Pedro Calzadilla, announced that the date to choose the position on the electoral ballot for the November 21 regional and local elections will be between September 9 and 11.

He explained that due to the extension of the nomination process, CNE decided to reschedule the act of choosing a position on the electoral ballot that will be used during the November 21 elections.

Likewise, he assured that he is progressing satisfactorily in the preparatory activities for the Regional and Municipal Elections that will take place on November 21, and recalled that the application process will close on Saturday, September 4.

He also reported that during the preparatory process, 7 national and 5 regional logistics committees have been held; This body is in charge of coordinating the logistical efforts necessary to guarantee the upcoming electoral process. In this way, Calzadilla highlighted the hard work carried out by the workers in the Regional Electoral Offices.

During the mega-elections on November 21, 23 governorships, 335 mayors, as well as 23 legislative councils and all municipal councils in the country will be renewed.



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