Peru withdraws from the interventionist policy applied by the Lima Group

The Foreign Minister of Peru, Héctor Béjar, stated during a press conference that the foreign policy that the South American nation will handle will be joint and multilateral with all nations, such an assertion was made by the representative of Peruvian diplomacy when asked about the relationship between his country and Venezuela.

«My duty as Foreign Minister is to improve relations with Venezuela, as well as with Colombia, Chile, Brazil and with all the countries of the region and the world (…) Each country has its internal problems, we do not have to meddle in affairs internal, said Béjar.

When questioned about the Lima Group, Foreign Minister Béjar pointed out that his partners have changed their policy and their points of view are different. "We will talk to them about their points of view," he said.

The Peruvian official stressed that the relationship that Peru will maintain with Venezuela will be based on the guarantee of the rights of migrants in both territories.

"With them, we have to work on the entire issue of Venezuelans residing in Peru, who have to have rights such as the rights of migrants from around the world and that we defend," said the diplomat.

Héctor Béjar, Foreign Minister of Peru, was emphatic in stating that «in general for all countries our policy will be a policy that defends Human Rights (…) Our policy has to be democratic so that there is dialogue and not confrontation, we aspire to the peoples dialogue, not to confront, not to accuse each other and not to establish policies that are at odds even with ethics.



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