Parliament supports implementation of the Anti-Blockade Law

Deputy Jesús Farías in the AN / Photo Wilmer Errades

This Thursday during the ordinary session of the National Assembly (AN), the parliamentarians supported the implementation of the Draft Agreement to Support the Anti-Blockade Law for National Development and the Guarantee of Human Rights.

Among its proposals is to urge the Executive Power to adopt the urgent and necessary measures to recover or safeguard the assets of the nation, as well as the justice system in general to criminal and administrative investigation for property damage infringed on the Republic, and refer the agreement to the diplomatic corps, as well as its publication in the official gazette.

Deputy Jesús Farías stressed that the law, presented by President Nicolás Maduro to overcome the attacks of the blockade, seeks to give absolute support to each of its articles, which are of vital importance in the present and future of the country.

“The country must come out of the genocide and the greatest aggression that the Republic has experienced in recent years. The blockade has caused huge damage to the economy and society, but we are working to reverse it. The blockade determines each of the great problems that the country is going through and constitutes the greatest obstacle to its development, ”he said.

He stressed that more than 120 billion dollars “is the cost that the blockade has had on the Venezuelan economy. We produced 2 million barrels a day and they collapsed due to the impossibility that we have to produce due to the blockage. 70% of the income received by the state comes from the oil industry, 95% of the foreign exchange came from oil exports. Two thirds of production has been lost due to the economic war, "he added.

He stressed that to produce investments are required so that the productive capacity can advance, in addition to developing the productive forces based on the welfare of the population. "The recovery of wages is one of the strategies, if it is based on production we can stabilize it. It is necessary to pass the law to give it strength, "he concluded.

For his part, the deputy, Luis Eduardo Martínez, from the opposition bench, reported the support of this parliamentary fraction for the law. "We support the agreement presented, although we would have preferred other ways, however we want to emphasize that among the objectives that must be established and prioritized is the recovery of wages and the value of social benefits," he said.



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