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PSUV receives among its ranks opponents who now support Maduro

Militants from Fuerza Neighborhood and Avanzada Progresista now join the campaign for re-election.

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) reported that at the end of the current week it welcomed several politicians who had served in the opposition ranks to the red awning, but who have now joined the president's government lines. Nicolás Maduro and have joined the campaign for his re-election.

One of them is the mayor of the Tinaco municipality of the Cojedes state, Juan Carlos Zamora, who left the opposition Fuerza Vecinal party to join the PSUV, and support President Nicolás Maduro; He announced his decision during a press conference held this Friday in that town.

Zamora asserted that he is committed to the Homeland, and that he is a lover of peace, "we are people of peace and we will never lend ourselves to burning down our country," he said during the press conference, which was headed by the political liaison of the PSUV in Cojedes, deputy Iris Varela, who welcomed the mayor who, until yesterday, was in the opposition.

Likewise, during the press conference, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, made telephone contact to congratulate the decision made by the mayor, to which he considered that "it is a correct decision, to unite the forces of those of us who love Venezuela." and we want peace,” said the president.

Councilor Rigoberto Silva and 35 of his colleagues are now part of the PSUV. Photo PSUV Iribarren

Other líder politician who until yesterday was in the opposition, is the councilor of Iribarren (Lara) Rigoberto Silva, who was elected in 2021 as a councilor for the Avanzada Progresista party and this Friday he was added to the ranks of the PSUV. Silva, along with 35 companions from Avanzada Progresista, took the step.

“Today we want to welcome a group of men and women leaders who in some cases we have met in different territories, whose efforts I recognize, their willingness to work for those most in need; Therefore, they have shown that we have a common point, so why not unify efforts to advance in the construction of a better Homeland for all?, expressed the political head of the PSUV in Iribarren, Luis Jonás Reyes Flores, at the beginning of the meeting. with social media.

He took the opportunity to reiterate his willingness to work hand in hand as a single team, “I call on the PSUV militancy to also demonstrate their support and maturity to receive these colleagues in the territories and work together, because, although we have been adversaries politicians, today the Bolivarian Revolution unites us again,” he said.

The Political Chief of the PSUV in Iribarren took the opportunity to emphasize: “We are eager for July 28 to arrive to demonstrate the strength of the revolutionary hurricane and make them understand that these people want to live in peace and do not want more sanctions, the victory is in the street, together with our people.”

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