Psuv pre-candidates in the final stretch for the internal elections

Julio León in the company of state leaders of the Psuv.

The candidates for the mayoralties and governorships of the country's regions by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) are in the final stretch to celebrate the Open Primary Elections this coming Sunday, August 8.

Yaracuy will have 155 voting centers for internal elections

The state of Yaracuy will have 155 voting centers enabled for the internal elections of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) that will take place this Sunday, August 8, as confirmed this Wednesday by the pre-candidate for the Interior, Julio León.

The Pesuvist leader reported that of the 484 voting centers that are registered by the National Electoral Council (CNE) in the entity, 155 will be used to receive the militancy and supporters of the Psuv to elect the candidates who
They will represent in the municipal and state elections on November 21.

He said that the nucleation is done with voters from the same area, that is, all voters will be close to their natural voting centers where they are registered.

To know in which nucleated center it corresponds to vote, the voter should only send a text message with the identification number to 2406, so that the system indicates the exact place of voting.

To vote, it is not necessary to be registered in the Psuv, any person registered in the Electoral Registry of the CNE can participate in this internal electoral process on Sunday.

León commented that the voting process is very simple, it should not take more than 40 seconds. The candidates appear in two lists, on the one hand the candidates for the governorship and on the other the candidates for mayor. The names will appear without a photo.

He mentioned that the day of internal elections of the Psuv will begin at 6 in the morning and will conclude at 6 in the afternoon or until there are no voters in the queue.

He affirmed that the best men and women selected by the rank and file to represent the Psuv in the November 21 elections will emerge from these elections. "This is a profoundly democratic process that demonstrates the great openness we have in the Psuv and from which we will emerge stronger than ever to face the November elections together," León stressed.

In Zulia, Psuv candidates for mayoralties are ready

The Psuv candidates for the various mayoralties for Maracaibo, Willy Casanova, Colón Blagdimir Labrador and San Francisco Dirwings Arrieta from Zulia state, held meetings with different sectors of the entity.

The Psuv candidate for the Mayor of Maracaibo, Willy Casanova, held a meeting with the municipal party structures, where he expressed feeling honored to have a totally revolutionary and structured party, made up of 1600 community leaders and 12700 street chiefs. grouped in the 409 Ubch. 

He emphasized that each structure of the Psuv must remain united and organized, to consolidate the triumph of this August 8, without forgetting that there are 111 days left until the regional and municipal elections of November 21 and that is why they must develop a route to guarantee the revolutionary victory . 

Casanova ratified that he maintains his commitment to continue building the Maracaibo that is reborn, with rescued and worthy spaces for the enjoyment of each Maracaibera family. 

Colón Municipality

The Psuv candidate for Mayor of Colón, Blagdimir Labrador, held assemblies with the indigenous peoples and the health sector of the municipality, they expressed their support for the candidate with the red awning. 

Deisy Iguarán, president of the municipal institute of attention to the indigenous of Colón, together with the 46 delegates that make up this institution, assured that the indigenous community will participate in a democratic and leading way in the ratification of the candidacy of Blagdimir Labrador in the next internal elections of the Psuv, scheduled for next August 8.

Blagdimir Labrador, Psuv candidate for Mayor of the Colón municipality, highlighted the fighting spirit of the heroes in white coats, or expressed “one more day of happiness, life is a happiness, a battle, a combat, so we have to fill us with faith and joy. I am proud of the medical team that accompanies us and I cannot do more than thank each one of you for your vocation.  

San Francisco Municipality

Dirwings Arrieta, Psuv candidate for Mayor of San Francisco, held a meeting with the coordinators, heads, members and collaborators of the Missions and Great Social Missions of the entity to provide strong support to the candidate for reelection.

Arrieta stressed that the men and women who make up these social programs are the moral reserve of the socialist project that Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez started. «Missionaries play an important role in our society, you go out to the streets to fight, bringing social welfare to the people, nothing and no one has stopped you, I congratulate you for this beautiful work of putting your needs above and beyond to help others. We only see that in revolution and it is what we must defend ”, said the candidate for the red awning.

Pre-candidates in the Delta in the final stretch continue in Assemblies

The pre-candidates who obtained the nomination from the bases of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela in Delta Amacuro to aspire to represent the political organization in the governorship and the different mayors of the entity continue in their tours of the communities and in the realization of the popular assemblies.

In order to present to the deltans the different options for candidacies in the Delta, the applicants have been able to meet in large assemblies with the Bolívar-Chávez (Ubch) Battle Units in different communities, as well as with various sectors such as transporters, religious , athletes, workers, women, social movements of diversity sex, merchants, youth, have also held radio and live debates on the social networks of their meetings.

Among the pre-candidates for the Governor of the Delta Amacuro state, the assemblies, Lizeta Hernández, who are nominated as a candidate for a fourth term, stand out, if she becomes the candidate chosen by the majority in the entity, it would be an unprecedented event in the country.

«A campaign as brothers, we continue joining forces to win, we continue in the street hand in hand with the Popular Power, we have been transmitting the message of the Bolivarian Revolution, the pre-candidates of the homeland have been carrying out a campaign of brothers, of friendship and reunion with our people where the men and women of Chávez here continue to stand, in the face of adversity, with an incessant pandemic, here are the people together with the pre-candidates of the governorships and mayors who have shown that capacity for love, respect and tolerance , I am sure that this August 8, unity will reign, loyalty in this great battle for the victory of November 21, "said the pre-candidate for governor Lizeta Hernández upon leaving the assembly with the transport sector.

Another of the candidates for the governor of the state Delta Amacuro is Daniel Carpio who said he was one of the most voted in the nominations for governor of the state.

"He congratulated me, other candidates who aspire to be governors have also done so, we have nothing to lose, we are a disciplined party and we go for the best one, for the party that chooses. I call on the deltana community to vote for the best man or the best woman that is in the Delta Amacuro state, we will follow the guidelines of the Psuv ”, he said in an interview for a local media.

Those who have also developed activities and assemblies with the people are the candidates for the municipalities of Tucupita, Casacoima, Pedernales and Antonio Díaz.

The pre-candidate Loa Tamaronis, nominated for mayor of the Tucupita municipality, has almost entirely visited the communities of the municipality and frequents radio programs, making her proposals known to the people.

«The communities we have visited have received us with great joy, many expressions of affection and support to bring our proposals and continue promoting the revolution, definitely on August 8 and 21 the people will win, a town that in Tucupita and the Delta is organized and prepared, ”said Tamaronis.

In the Casacoima municipality, one of the largest mobilizations and concentrations in support of the candidate for that mayor's office, Edgar Guzmán, and Lizeta Hernández for the governor's office could be observed in an activity where both candidates agreed.

Likewise, the candidates from municipalities with river access such as Rosamny Gascón in Pedernales and Amado Heredia in Antonio Díaz, continue their tours and assemblies.

In the Delta all together, as one of their campaign slogans says, this August 8 it is determined who will go to the mega-elections called for November 21.

With information from the correspondents. Carlos Vielma, Mayerlin González, Leylianith Cedeño



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