Organic Law of Communal Cities was debated this Tuesday in the AN

Deputy Pedro Carreño explained the benefits of the Law / Photo Wilmer Errades

The Venezuelan Parliament discussed the Organic Law of Communal Cities for the second time this Tuesday in order to highlight the importance of its usefulness on the Venezuelan people reflected in 61 articles.

During the activity, deputy Luis José Marcado explained that the articles must be debated by each of the deputies in order to see their benefits.

"The Venezuelan opposition opposed the recovery proposals for five years and now they are obliged to know the articles," said Deputy Luis José Marcano, while announcing that more than 10 activities have been carried out in favor of the Law. with the participation of more than 200 thousand Venezuelans, "he said.

He rejected the intention of the opposition deputies to assure that the Law will violate the Law of Territorial Policy because the functions of the mayors of governorates and mayors are unknown.

"As opposition they have the right not to believe in the projects but it is also necessary that they study and document the benefits of the law, one of them is to guarantee the competences of each of the country's territorial organizations," he said.

For his part, the deputy Pedro Carreño, stressed that the Organic Law of Communal Cities will promote the new management model of the new stage of the Bolivarian Revolution.

He said that the Great Patriotic Pole Simón Bolívar, will defend the approval of the same, since it complies with the provisions of the Law of the Plan of the Fatherland.

Deputy Hermann Escarrá explained that the Law is on an equal footing with the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. “It is not the intention of anyone to create a parallel State as has been thought from other factions. It is only the execution and fulfillment of the constitution to open the way to socialism ”, explained the deputy.

Likewise, deputy Luis Parra stressed that the Venezuelan right wing will not express its support for the legal document.



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