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Opponents finish off campaign closure in the states

The candidates of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD) carry out the closing of the campaign, this Wednesday, November 17, it is executed in the states of Guárico, Zulia and Aragua, for the celebration of the mega-elections next Sunday, November 21.

In the municipality of San José de Guaribe, to the northeast of the Guárico state, the MUD party officially held its campaign closure in the Llanera entity, an activity that was attended by the standard-bearer for the governorship, Yovanny Salazar, as well as the candidate for the mayor, Ángel Arveláez.

The walk went through various sectors of the municipality until it reached the headquarters of the party's house, where the candidate for governor of Guárico emphasized that during this time of the campaign, the connection and synchronization with the people was achieved, reaffirming the will to advance in the recovery of the entity's productive apparatus starting from the industrial park.

In the same way, the Guaribense mayoral candidate, Ángel Arveláez, stressed the importance of going out to vote on November 21 to achieve victory and in this way immediately meet the needs of both the hamlets and the central part of the population.

In the municipality of San José de Guaribe, the opposition campaign was closed.

With a walk, opposition candidates closed the campaign in the Maracaibo municipality

The candidate for the Governor of Zulia for the Un Nuevo Tiempo party, Manuel Rosales, took a walk through different streets of the Maracaibo municipality, as part of the closing of the campaign in the entity, a tour he made with the candidate for Mayor of Maracaibo, Rafael Ramirez. 

On the way, it left Avenida 17 Baralt, passed through Avenida 15 Las Delicias, Avenida 4 Bella Vista, La Lago and culminated in El Milagro. Rosales reminded the inhabitants of the region of their duty next Sunday, November 21.

For his part, Rafael Ramírez, candidate for Mayor of Maracaibo, added that everything is ready for victory, where a team of defenders of the vote was formed.

The tour left from Avenida 17 Baralt and ended at El Milagro.

In Anzoátegui they finish off the campaign by calling for a massive vote

The candidate for reelection for the governor of the Anzoátegui state, Miguel Barreto Sira and the candidates for mayors of the municipalities Guanta, Urbaneja, Anaco and Freites for the Democratic Unity Table (MUD), closed the campaign with the call to vote en masse for ensure change and guarantee the triumph of all its candidates this Sunday, November 21.

From the Las Palmas de Guanta sector, Antonio Barreto Sira and the flag bearer for that municipality, Isrrael Caraballo carried out a walk and rally to remind the militancy that the true opponents will go to vote.

In the Plaza Bolívar de Lechería, the mayor and candidate for re-election, Manuel Ferreira, called to vote for the MUD card and asked the people of Morreños to continue believing in his government project.

"I am more committed than ever to continue making Lechería the best city in Venezuela, together with a cabinet at the height of responsibility," said the candidate.

While in Freites, Barreto Sira along with the champion of that coalition, Evelyn Urdaneta, toured the streets of Cantaura to seal the commitment to citizenship.

In Anaco, accompanied by the mayor and candidate for re-election, Luis Guevara Marrón, the candidate for re-election also called on the population to vote and defend the vote on Sunday.

Candidates call to vote on November 21.

The Standard bearer of the Democratic Alliance closed his campaign with an act in Maracay

Under the slogan "For a different Aragua" and in a ceremony held this Wednesday afternoon on the main avenue of the populous Los Cocos sector, in the city of Maracay, the candidate of the Democratic Alliance for the Governor of Aragua, Luis Eduardo Martínez, made his campaign closing, where he reiterated his call to vote in the regional elections this Sunday XNUMX of November.

The standard-bearer of the Alliance, which brings together more than 20 political organizations such as AD, Copei, MAS, Avanzada Progresista and Cambiemos, assured that if he is elected governor, food, health and education will have priority.

He reiterated that the laws of Special Economic Zones and New Enterprises will be key to the economic recovery of the entity, turning Aragua into "an emporium of generalized prosperity."

He urged to defend and take care of their votes in all the polling stations of the 18 municipalities of the entity.

Martínez stressed that the laws of Special Economic Zones and New Enterprises will be key to the economic recovery of the entity.

With information from the correspondents: Ángelo Navarro, Mayerlin González, Vivian Ariza, María Elena Castillo.