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Nicolás Maduro launches the perfect formula for the 1×10 electoral

Convincing to win, motivating to succeed and organizing to vote are the three steps of the new formula to consolidate victory on July 28

This Thursday the President Nicolás Maduro He announced the new formula which he described as perfect for the 1×10 electoral with a view to the presidential elections next Sunday, July 28.

This was stated in a telephone contact made with the crowd gathered in the southern area of ​​Valencia, Carabobo state, who, despite the rain that fell in that entity, remained in the streets where they received with joy the call from the President shouting: Let's go Nico!

The head of state explained that this New formula The electoral 1×10 has three steps: Convince to win, with reasons, with the truth and the project of the 7 Transformations; Motivate to succeed, with example and leadership on the street with love; and Organize to vote.

In his words he highlighted the massive mobilization and affirmed that the source of heat in the south of Valencia is the passion of the Valencian people, “which fills us with energy, which fills us with strength,” he expressed.

Likewise, he urged these actions to be transmitted through social networks to break lies and censorship.

The people are in the streets defending their future

“These people are in the streets defending their right to the future and to have a Homeland, to build our own economic, social and political model, and our own democracy,” highlighted the candidate of the Revolution.

In the words he addressed to the people of Carabobo, Maduro recalled the actions of the “nine patarucos” who only appear when there are elections.

“To come to deceive, to come to steal,” he stated and referred to the opponents who remain abroad living off the stolen goods, Juan Guaidó, Julio Borges and Leopoldo López.

“We are on the right side of history, we have the strength, we have unity and I am sure that the southern area of ​​Valencia and all of Carabobo will give a great gift to Commander Chávez on July 28 with a great victory,” he stated. .

Build victory on the foundations

The massive mobilization in the Miguel Peña municipality of Carabobo was accompanied by the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, who called on the militancy to consolidate the victory from the bases.

“In this battle it is not worth being overconfident, no one takes victory for granted, it must be built on solid foundations,” he stressed.

In that sense, Cabello highlighted that the 1×10 displayed on the street has to be verifiable and auditable. “You have to constantly call and visit,” he said.

In the midst of the red tide that flooded the streets of Valencia, Cabello reaffirmed that the People are mobilized expressing their support for the Homeland's candidate, Nicolás Maduro.

“Here it can rain for us, there can be a bit of sunshine, anything can happen and we go out to walk with joy, with enthusiasm, with love to tell the whole world: Hope is in the street and it doesn't stop anyone. ”, he stated at the close of the mobilization against the sanctions.

For his part, Rafael Lacava, Regional Coordinator of the PSUV in the state of Carabobo, stated that in the extensive mobilization carried out this Thursday the great victory of the people of Chávez and Maduro on July 28 can be observed. “Here the people rule and it is the people of Nicolás,” he stated.

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