Military detainee in reserve when trying to leak information to Colombia

The Minister of People's Power for Defense, Vladimir Padrino López reported this Monday that after arduous intelligence work, a captain in active reserve was arrested, at a time when he was trying to obtain information from the strategic platform SUKHOI-30 MK2 of the Bolivarian Military Aviation (AMB), data that would presumably be provided to an official assigned to the National Intelligence Directorate of Colombia.

Through his official twitter account @vladimirpadrino, Padrino López wrote: “In the FANB there are no spaces for betrayal! Thanks to the prompt and diligent denunciation of the patriotic soldiers, Captain Ronald Marrero Lozano, CI 17198309, was arrested in active reserve, trying to obtain information from the strategic platform AMB ”.

He then asserted that “this felon was caught, by bribery ($ 1000 per week) by Alías Andrés, belonging to the Colombian National Intelligence Directorate, with whom he communicated through the subscriber +573219500962. The traitor Ronald Marrero is providing all the information in detail ”.

Finally, the Minister of Popular Power for Defense denounced that “the Colombian government, supported by the CIA, persists in its hostile attitude against Venezuela, systematically attacking our sovereignty. Without any rhetoric, we say to Ivan Duque: DON'T BE WRONG! ”He wrote.



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