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Mérida filled the streets to support Maduro and reject the sanctions

#Mérida Inhabitants of the Arias parish expressed their firm decision to reject imperialist sanctions

Inhabitants of the Arias parish of the Libertador municipality of the state of Mérida, took to the streets to accompany President Nicolas Maduro, in his firm decision to reject the sanctions against the Venezuelan homeland.

“We should feel proud of the president, most of the time, when a case of corruption arises in any government in the world, the first ones who order to cover it up are the presidents and Nicolás was the first one who said, whoever falls, whoever it is.” Let's go with everything, an iron fist against corruption. And because? Because those are not real Chavistas, those are not the ones who are fighting for the needs of our people, they have other interests,” said Governor Jehyson Guzmán.

Likewise, he said that those who sponsored the departure of people from the country were the opposition: "They don't know how to bring them to vote for them, we never tire of telling the people, stay here, fight with us, we are going forward, we are going to resist, we are going to move forward, we did that and we are going to continue doing it, because we bet on our country.”

The people reject the actions and intentions that the opposition and its líderes, supported by the North American government, seek to obtain money to finance their campaign, receiving orders from the United States, as was evident with the recent audio that circulated on social networks and the media, where Juan Guaidó spoke with the candidate of the opposition.

The mayor of this capital jurisdiction, Jesús Araque, thanked and recognized the effort made by the president, in the midst of the blockade and sanctions against the country, the Government of Mérida reported in a press release.

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