Maduro: Venezuela responded with height in the face of provocations

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, said this Sunday that before the provocations of the Presidents of Paraguay and Uruguay during the VI Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), Venezuela responded with height.

“Faced with the provocations of the Presidents of Paraguay and Uruguay, we responded with height, if they want to debate, we have an example of democracy and true freedom. The challenge is on the table to debate face to face, "he said.

During a statement from the "Benito Juárez" International Airport in Mexico City. The Head of State pointed out that important consensus agreements were reached on matters such as the pandemic and climate change were approved at the VI CELAC Summit "We have created a Space Agency for Latin America and the Caribbean," he added.

"We have reached important agreements on matters such as the pandemic, the creation of the disaster fund, everything that has to do with preparing America and the Caribbean for climate change, they were approved at the VI Summit of Celac," said the President Maduro.

In this sense, the Dignitary classified the VI Celac Summit as a total success and thanked Mexico for bringing together all the leaders despite the differences. “There are those who were interested in the failure of the CELAC Summit. The Summit has been a total success, of union, of consensus, of agreements ”, he stressed.

Maduro stressed that Venezuela has received all the support for the dialogue process that is being carried out in Mexico. "There have been important pronouncements against sanctions, against the economic blockade as an illegal form of extraterritorial measures taken against Latin American and Caribbean countries."

On the other hand, the national president reported that they have created a Space Agency for Latin America and the Caribbean. "We already have satellites, now we are going to combine scientific knowledge for a common Space Agency."

"Latin America has to build its union based on ideological, cultural, political, and even partisan diversity," he said.



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