Maduro: Juan Germán Roscio is our republican ideologue

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, participated in the acts in tribute to the memory of, Juan Germán Roscio, politician, lawyer and journalist, writer of the Act of Proclamation of Independence and whose symbolic remains were incorporated this Wednesday to the National Pantheon, the homeland altar.

The national president offered a commemorative plaque of the 200 years of his sowing, in which he is honored as the first civilian hero of Venezuelan independence. The central act, which was attended by the Military High Command, the highest representatives of the Public Powers and several of the members of the Cabinet, took place in the midst of a historical-cultural tribute, to highlight the importance of its legacy to the creation of our homeland and that he contributed in different areas of the newly born republic.

The symbolic remains of the hero Juan Germán Roscio Nieves now rest on the altar of the homeland. Photo RRSS

The speaker at the order of the activity was the professor and historian Reinaldo Bolívar, who highlighted the role of Roscio as the forerunner of civil and women's rights in Venezuela. He said that the hero favored the incorporation of ethnic and Afro groups into national life and held various positions in the first public administrations of Venezuela, establishing ties with other republics as a diplomat and jurist.

Reinaldo Bolívar recalled Roscio's participation in the creation of the first public library in the country, for which he donated his own books and established agreements with friends, such as Andrés Bello, to bring books of interest to the country to the country. He was editor of the first constitution of Venezuela and the continent, and founding director of the newspaper Correo del Orinoco, created by the Liberator, Simón Bolívar.

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, described the tribute as an act of historical vindication and one of justice. "Juan Germán Roscio Nieves was part of a virtuous generation of liberators and liberators of Venezuela and America that accompanied that victorious and definitive push to break the Spanish imperial domain," said the national leader during the event.

He celebrated that that generation that was formed in pre-independence Venezuela "developed a line of intellectual insurgency against the ideological bases that sustained the 300 years of savage colonial domination of the Spanish monarchy."

He instructed to publish the works of Juan Germán Roscio so that the work and thought of this leader of the independence of Venezuela are known at all levels of education, who in the opinion of the president gave “contributions also in the ideological fight against the empire Spanish and the construction of a republican ideology ”.

"We are a construct of historical struggles, we are an accumulation of the values ​​and ideas that the Liberators left us, that is why our greatest tribute to the civil and military heroes is to continue building the union of the Venezuelan Nation, of the Great American Homeland" said the president in reference to the new generations taking him as an example.

"200 years later we have done an act of justice, we have brought the symbolic remains of Juan Germán Roscio to the National Pantheon as a fair recognition of his spiritual presence in future times of struggle for Independence," concluded the national president the solemn act.



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