Maduro: Venezuela is the victim of 8% of drug trafficking from Colombia

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, led the launching ceremony of the National Anti-Drug Superintendence, a body that will deepen the proven fight against this scourge that has been strengthening in the country.

At the event, the head of state revealed figures on the fight against drugs that is being carried out in the country. When the DEA was in Venezuela in 2005, 209 tons of drugs were seized, a figure that rose after the expulsion from that institution between 2005-2010 by 44% increase, to seize 374 tons of narcotics.

He highlighted that in the period between 2005-2021 a world record for seizures of drugs from Colombia was set with 813,7 tons, equivalent to more than 30 billion dollars. He added that 40.5 tons of chemical substances for drug production were also seized and 438 laboratories were destroyed. All this adds up to a total of 65 billion dollars in total.

He added that after the approval of a law that authorizes the interception and neutralization of ships that transport narcotics, 226 aircraft have been shot down.

He denounced that 79% of the US military bases in Colombia are "coincidentally" in territories where there are illicit coca production crops.

“Colombia produces 70% of the world's cocaine and 87% leaves by sea through the Pacific Ocean. Venezuela is the victim of 8% of drug trafficking from Colombia, which tries to pass through the national territory either by sea, land or air, "said the Venezuelan president.

He denounced that “the Colombian drug trafficking mafia took political power with the government of Uribe Vélez and now Iván Duque. This is confirmed by the classified information from the United States on Colombia. "

Creation of the National Anti-Drug Superintendence

The minister of popular power for the interior Justice and Peace, Almiranta Carmen Meléndez, paid tribute to the men and women who fell in this fight against the scourge of drug trafficking

He presented the decree for the creation of the National Anti-Drug Superintendence, which was signed by the head of state. In that sense, the M / G of the Bolivarian National Guard, Richard Jesús López Vargas, was appointed as superintendent of this body. "Venezuela has its anti-drug czar against Colombian drug trafficking," said President Maduro.

Likewise, the minister presented the draft reform of the Organic Law of the Fight against Drugs that penalizes the crime of drug trafficking with 7 titles with 217 articles to update the penalties against drug traffickers.

The news included in the bill

The M / G López Vargas, explained that the spirit of the draft anti-drug law is to update the legislation in the face of the different ways that the underworld has found to evade the regulations.

“Crimes change, and when crimes change, institutions must change. Aspects such as the type of crime, which left out the people who were involved, but did not have a figure sanctioned by law, will be modified ”.

The superintendent also stressed that this body will manage a complete database of all the information on the people involved in crimes, such as the crossing of data on properties, bank accounts and links with various social groups.

Information in development….



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