Maduro: AN must legislate to open a new era of economic prosperity

“I am president of all Venezuelans and of all political currents as it should be and this year 2022, without a doubt, will be a year of economic growth and the recovery of social welfare and elede life of the people. So shall. Today I ask this AN to set the goal of legislating to open a new era of economic prosperity for the country", said the first President during the act of notification by the new Directive of the National Assembly on the beginning of the Period of Sessions 2022-2023.

Maduro also urged the opposition to make criticisms to improve the economic situation to recover the income of the workers and the people in general.

“Sometimes I agree with some criticisms and proposals made by the opposition, I like the debate, I think it is the essence of our revolution, having our feet on the ground, going out to find the truth and solutions that allow us to improve the level of village life”. 

Likewise, the president highlighted that during the first three years of his mandate, starting with his re-election in 2018, the country was attacked in order to destroy the people's social welfare state. "They created great wounds for us that we are beginning to heal and that is why the AN must create the recovery of the capacity of purchasing power, access to goods and services."

On the other hand, he considers that the government must work to create enough wealth to have the income and recover the salary and the minimum income of Venezuelan families.

“By aggregation or indirect draining, in the two manifestations there must be an attitude of the state and a clear economic policy, which favors the development of the country. I welcome the debate that took place in 2021, it must continue to grow. You have turned the National Assembly into the political and legislative institutional epicenter of the country. The AN undoubtedly took its place. Exercising its constitutional functions, and that is worth a world, which permeates the entire society”, he told the board of directors and the body of deputies present at the act.  



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