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Maduro proposes developing the national film industry

Through TikTok, he announced that he will hold a meeting with national and international artists, scriptwriters and businessmen to lay the foundations for the cultural project.

In a new edition of #NicoLive Through TikTok, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, referred to the need to develop the country's film and communications industry.

With this purpose, he said that he will call a meeting with national and international artists, screenwriters and businessmen to lay the foundations for the project.

“The time has come for us to take a leap in film production, taking into account the new formats,” the President emphasized in this new edition, in which he had the actor Fernando Carrillo as a guest in the studio, who conveyed his gratitude. for the support received by the Bolivarian Government, and especially extended thanks to Aex Saab, who together with his wife gave him their unconditional support.

Maduro highlighted the importance of joining efforts, leaving aside political differences in order to achieve what he defined as the "renaissance of Venezuelan film productions."

"We are going to work on this project of a production industry for films, soap operas, series, etc., but designed for all platforms," ​​he noted while giving as an example the creation of a novel that is for TikTok.

"We are going to build our own tools for communication and break the blockade imposed on us by large transnational corporations in their media and social networks," he highlighted.

The Head of State referred to the impulse that is being given to the new model of communication streets, networks, media, walls and radio Bemba, "to break the oppressive hegemony of the powerful of the world who work on censorship against Venezuela, to lie and try to end the example of Bolivarian Venezuela.”

Actresses Marlene Andrade and Susej Vera, and actor Jorge Reyes, who commented that, unfortunately, Venezuelan films cannot enter the platforms, connected to the broadcast.

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