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Maduro: on June 28 we will win like the left in Mexico, by beating

He stressed that the people do not need patrucos, oligarchs or the "perverse old men of the ultra-right." He announced that on June 23 the remains of Cristóbal Mendoza will be transferred to the National Pantheon

The National President, Nicolás Maduro, made a visit to the state of Trujillo this Tuesday, where he recovered a CDI in Valera and visited the sanctuary of Blessed José Gregorio Hernández. “There I made a promise to José Gregorio, only he and I know what it is about,” he commented.

The president said in front of a large crowd that gathered to express their support and reminded them that next Sunday, June 9, the exhaustive review of the method will be carried out "to guarantee the perfect victory of 28-J, as happened with the triumph of the left in Mexico: by beating and knock out, in an overwhelming way.”

Neither mudslingers, nor oligarchs nor perverse old men

Maduro recalled that in the difficult moments for the country it has not been the “patarucos or the oligarchs” those who have been on the side of the people, to support them and pointed them out as those responsible for the guarimbas and generating violence in the country

“The old men on the right are perverse and he recalled the repression carried out by Pedro Carmona Estanga “who ordered Chávez to be killed,” but he highlighted that in 48 hours the people rescued the revolution. “In 2019 they put Juan Guaidó and he tried to kill me, he asked for an invasion by the American army and I told the people: nerves of steel, calm and sanity and maximum civil-military unity,” he said.

Next, the president continued consulting the crowd about the characteristics of his ideal candidate for the next presidential elections on June 28.

“Do you prefer a weak pataruco who comes like Carmona to wanting to manipulate and repress the people, without leadership. Do you prefer a patriot or a sellout, do you prefer a puppet of surnames? Do you want a pataruco or a Chavista rooster?” "-He asked. Because he insisted that for this it is essential to tune the 1 × 10 machinery to obtain the much desired perfect victory."

Trujillo: land of good people

” Trujillo has given birth to many “good people.” “Wise men, saints, patriots: José Gregorio Hernández, Rafael Rangel, Antonio Nicolás Briceño, Mario Briceño Iragorry, Cristóbal Mendoza, El Chino Valera Mora… because you are a noble, hard-working and sincere people, who have known how to preserve the value and the concept of the family, necessary to build a homeland.”

In the middle of the crowd that received the presidential couple, President Maduro announced that the remains of Cristóbal Mendoza, who was the first president of Venezuela, “will be transferred on June 23 to the National Pantheon, so that he will be next to the Liberator. Simón Bolívar,” he said.

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