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Maduro installs “Our Venezuela” campaign command

"We are taking a very important step to advance with advantage in the face of the threat that our people suffer every day to win the battle of July 28," said Maduro.

The president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Nicolás Maduro, installed this Thursday the “Venezuela Nuestra” Campaign Command for the electoral campaign towards the elections on July 28.

“We are taking an important step to advance with advantage, superiority and courage in the scenario of defending our country from the threat to which it is subjected, preserving the advances and achievements of the fight we have given, charting the route of the future and winning. the battle of July 28,” he said.

From the Humboldt Hotel, in the Warairarepano National Park, the Head of State also announced that the “Venezuela Our” 21st century campaign command will be formed as follows:

  • Chief coordinator: Jorge Rodríguez.
  • Central Coordination: Diosdado Cabello, Héctor Rodríguez, Cilia Flore, Luis Reyes Reyes, Nahum Fernández.
  • Executive Secretaries: Vanesa Montero and Grecia Colmenares.
  • Spokespersons or influencer: Rafael Lacava, Genesis Garvette, Luis José Marcano, Gabriela Jiménez, Jorge Arreaza and Blanca Eekhout.

Likewise, Maduro announced that seven teams will make up the “Venezuela Our” Campaign Command, whose mission will be to articulate political, ideological and logistical capabilities in order to unify the country:

  • Electoral Strategy: It will be made up of the first combatant Cilia Flores and will have Freddy Náñez as the Executive Secretary. It will be made up of Carolina Cestarí, Mario Silva, Ilenia Medina and Ricardo Sánchez.
  • 7T and International Relations: It will be headed by Delcy Rodríguez and will have Nicolás Maduro Guerra as the Executive Secretary. It will be made up of Rander Peña, Rodolfo Crespo, Ricardo Menéndez, Samuel Moncada and William Castillo.
  • GPP, broad alliances and social movements: Led by Héctor Rodríguez and will have Francisco Torrealba as Executive Secretary. It will be made up of Julio García Zerpa, Orlando Camacho, Gina Hung, Erika Farías, Gilberto Giménez, Didalco Bolívar, Henry Hernández and Heryck Rangel.
  • Tour and Events: Nahum Fernández will lead this team and Juan Escalona will be the Executive Secretary. Meanwhile, Víctor Clark will be an active part of the nationwide deployment.
  • 5 generations of the Revolution: It will be directed by Luis Reyes Reyes and will have José Alejandro Terán as Executive Secretary. It is made up of Fernando Soto Rojas, María León, Francisco Arias Cárdenas, María Cristina Iglesias and Yadira Córdova.
  • Electoral machinery, under the 1X10 + 5X5 method in defense of the vote: Led by Diosdado Cabello and will have Francisco Ameliach as Executive Secretary. It will be made up of Pedro Infantes, Williams Benavides and Henry Parra.
  • Communications, streets, networks, media, walls and radio bemba: It will be led by Jorge Rodríguez and will have Gustavo Villapol as the Executive Secretary. It will be made up of Alex Saab, Camilla Fabri de Saab and Patricia Villegas.

In this order of ideas, the Dignitary instructed the activation of a powerful communication method that allows "to go to the forefront of the world and demonstrate to that world that controls social networks that they will not be able to with Venezuela and that we will build a new system: Media, Streets, Networks, Walls and Radio Bemba”.

On the other hand, the National President highlighted that the “Venezuela Our” Campaign Command is called to become the epicenter of the articulation of the political, ideological, spiritual and logistical capacity to unify the country. “Unite Venezuela All because, without a doubt, hope is already in the streets and Venezuela will know how to win,” Maduro asserted.

He stressed that the electoral campaign must “mobilize locally, convince the people in their neighborhood, on their corner, in their urban planning (…) It is an unprecedented campaign (…) Let a thousand mobilizations flourish.”

Moreover, the líder revolutionary stressed that the people “are our base, our inspiration to face, as we have done, any difficulty.”

Likewise, he assured that the Revolution has experienced a dialectical process that has been maintained thanks to an empowered, brave and values-based people.

“We are the vanguard of a heroic people that has managed to stand out in the 21st century, setting an example for the world in a process of permanent learning,” he emphasized.

The highest representative of the red awning called to optimize the strength and power of the Venezuelan people with the Communes, Communal Councils and the new alliances. “Welcome every Venezuelan who wants to build the future this July 28.”

Venezuela example of democracy

Maduro recalled that since the arrival of the Bolivarian Revolution, the revolutionary forces have achieved victory in 28 of 30 electoral processes. “We are going to 31 and we must build victory, weave the path to the future,” he urged.

He affirmed that, with a historical record of victories, the Bolivarian Revolution has set an example of democracy throughout the world.

“Venezuela is in its 31st electoral process in 25 years, there is no country in the world, compatriots, a single country in the world that has had more successful, victorious, transparent and safe electoral processes than the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” he stated.

He reiterated that the revolutionary forces have been victorious in 28 of 30 elections, while the right has only triumphed - by a small margin - in two electoral processes. Precisely, regarding this situation, he pointed out that it has resulted in defeats for the country.

“We have won 28 electoral processes, of those 30. The opposition has won when it was unified in a single force, two very unfortunate electoral processes for the country because when the opposition wins, the people lose, the country loses, the nation loses, as such It is an automatic formula, a direct equation: victory for the opposition, defeat for the ordinary people, the real people, for the humble people, for the working people,” he emphasized.

Through a campaign that plunged the country into a scenario of economic war, Maduro sadly recalled the fraudulent plot of the right to obtain votes.

“They caused queues, the economic war and they promised the people a deceptive offer that they never fulfilled, which was a lie, they managed to deceive a sector of our beloved people and achieved a victory in the National Assembly in 2015,” he noted.

Even in the face of this fact in which the counterrevolution won, Maduro pointed out that the revolutionary forces recognized the victory and respected it.

On the other hand, he stated that today more than ever the Bolivarian process is preparing again together with the people to fight in style.

Electoral campaign for independence

 The candidate of the Great Patriotic Pole “Simón Bolívar”, Nicolás Maduro, emphasized that the upcoming electoral campaign is for absolute independence.

He pointed out that he is not facing “patarucos” and that Venezuela's enemy is North American imperialism.

In this sense, he pointed out that "we are facing the power of the United States government and we are going to defeat it once again, the gringo government and whatever pataruco they put up."

The revolution is the only one with a government plan

During the activity, Maduro emphasized that the Bolivarian Revolution is the only one that has a Government Plan for the country.

In this regard, he highlighted that the other candidates for the presidential elections on July 28 have not presented plans or government programs for Venezuela.

He noted that he will show the “nine pieces of paper” that the right-wing candidates submitted to the National Electoral Council (CNE), reports Presidential Press.

“We have a solid plan and a solid project 7t.Nets, for the new era of transition of the new Era towards the transition to Socialism of the XNUMXst century, more democracy, the construction of a new civilization of love, peace in Christ the Redeemer our Lord, the society of equals, moving away from the perverted and perverse model of the West,” he indicated.

Finally, President Maduro called to defeat the intentions of the evil empire that is now trying to impose a candidate to try to appropriate the future and the wealth of the nation. “Already today, May 16, hope is in the street, the people are in the street, and Venezuela will know how to win, as the slogan says,” he explained. 

“Our Venezuela, yours, yours, yours, everyone's, forever, for the 21st century and beyond. Our Venezuela, not the gringos or the surnames or the oligarchy. Venezuela belongs to the people, the sole owner and principal of this country to guarantee our sovereignty,” she reaffirmed.

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