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Maduro highlights the value of Argentines in the May Revolution

The Head of State recognized the courage of the líderIt is from the May Revolution, while it evoked the unity between Venezuela and Argentina

During the commemoration of the Day of the Homeland and the May Revolution, an event held at the Aquiles Nazoa Cultural House, President Nicolás Maduro, through a telephone contact, recognized the heroism of the Argentine people and their army, reported the website of VTV.

At the ceremony, the Minister of Culture of Venezuela, Ernesto Villegas, welcomed a delegation from the Argentine country and ambassadors from various nations, who participated in the event that remembered the historic alliance that 200 years ago united Venezuela and Argentina, against of the Spanish empire.

During his telephone intervention, the president alluded to the May Revolution as a milestone in the fight for independence and self-determination, which inspires to this day the efforts for a united and sovereign Latin America.

“Entire armies were built from the heroism of the Argentine people, from Buenos Aires they emerged and met the armies that came from here with Bolívar, with Sucre. We were there together, liberating the south,” he said.

The Venezuelan head of state highlighted the importance of remembering the bravery and heroism of the Argentine people who, two centuries ago, rose up in search of freedom and emphasized the need to keep the memory of those events alive and to continue efforts to ensure the integration and independence of Latin American countries.

“The strength of that people is immense, and on a day like today, I say to Argentina, you were the heroes and heroines of the battle 200 years ago, and from Buenos Aires, to the entire south, you set the tone.” .

With words of hope and unity, the president called for a modern revolution, inspired by the values ​​and courage of the líderIt is from the May Revolution, to face current challenges and build a future of prosperity and brotherhood among the nations of Latin America.


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