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Maduro heralds 50 years of peace after his triumph on July 28

The president recalled the 20 years of Commander Chávez's triumph and said that today the fight is between "patarucos and a gallo pinto."

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, recalled that 20 years ago Commander Hugo Chávez won, together with the people, the referendum that sought to remove him from power, and that today, the fight is against the same political adversaries who continue to implement the same strategies.

 “I think that of all the campaigns I have participated in, it is the most creative, most colorful, most exciting campaign. The same things were said, that Chávez is on the floor, that the polls, that he can't stand it, that we are going to upset him, and we went with faith, tranquility, patience, absolute confidence in the historical consciousness of a people and then we saw the results: There was a greening very similar to what we are experiencing now,” said the president.

He reflected that Chávez's victory in 2004, “gave us ten years of stability, of political peace, of economic peace, of economic growth, of social peace. 2004-2014", in which the "people achieved the greatest social rights that we had ever had in 200 years. The victory of that year 2004 was worth it,” he commented.

For this reason, the head of state said that after the victory in the next presidential elections “it will give us fifty years of peace, stability, growth, prosperity, happiness. “So I decree, so it shall be!” He declared.

He invited the people and the militancy of the revolutionary forces to continue working to consolidate the victory in the elections, to continue having a homeland and sovereignty. “Let us unite all our love and all our wills so that we have a Homeland for all, a Homeland for all, a united Homeland,” he said.

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