Maduro denounces conspiracies around the Mexican dialogue

"Yesterday it was intended to give orders to the representatives of the opposition to abandon the negotiations," the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, denounced this Tuesday.

During a working day dedicated to the consolidation of the university transformation, within the framework of the Sucre Mission Anniversary Week, the Head of State dismissed the actions of the Colombian government to obstruct the process of national dialogue initiated in Mexico.

Maduro added that there are international maneuvers from Colombia and the United States to end the dialogue "that we have built with patience, with wisdom, with intelligence and that we want to maintain."

The national leader highlighted that the first day of talks between the Bolivarian Government Delegation and the Unitary Platform culminated on September 6, approving partial agreements for the social protection of the Venezuelan people and the defense of the Essequibo territory.

In turn, he stressed that the president of Colombia, Iván Duque is preparing plans to end the dialogue, "so that Guaidó returns to the conspiracy and to do damage."

On the other hand, he reported that in the next few hours, the evidence of how the Duque government intends to sabotage the negotiations carried out in Mexico will be shown.



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