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Maduro announces 1×10 drill for June 9

The Head of State offered new instructions for the formation of the 1X10 Brigades

The president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Nicolás Maduro, announced this Saturday that for next Sunday, June 9, a large simulation of the 1×10 electoral machinery will take place throughout the country towards the presidential elections of 28J .

“neighborhood by neighborhood, street by street, as part of an initiative to consolidate the organization and response capacity of the Venezuelan people in the face of current challenges,” said Maduro.

The announcement was made on líder revolutionary through telephone contact with the people who took to the streets to march in his support and against the criminal sanctions and economic blockade imposed by the United States (USA) on the country.

The Head of State also offered new instructions for the formation of the 1X10 Brigades. It is about the minimum incorporation of a new voter and adding a new voter who has never voted for the Bolivarian revolution. “Because we are the true option of those who want Peace,” he said.

Maduro took the opportunity to reiterate his call to the people to remain active and mobilized throughout the country, to build a great force towards victory that guarantees the peace and stability of the country, because “we have won peace and stability hard.”

“I have been loyal to the people, I have been loyal to the legacy of Commander Chávez and in the years to come we will continue to be loyal,” he highlighted.

For his part, the head of the “Venezuela Nuestra” campaign command, Jorge Rodríguez, assured that Venezuelans will give a forceful response to the oligarchy and the North American empire.

“This People, son of Grand Marshal Antonio José de Sucre, is a brave and victorious People, they are not going to let those dragged on the right hand over the Homeland to the Yankees,” he pointed out.

He stressed that President Nicolás Maduro represents the loyalty of Commander Hugo Chávez and that together with his people he will defeat the surnames once again in the next elections.


President Maduro also communicated by phone call with the population of Anzoatiguense, and reiterated his commitment and loyalty to the people, while ensuring that, with unity and collective effort, progress will be made towards the reconstruction of the country. Anzoátegui, notable for being among the first in the 1×10 registry, symbolizes the determination to remain organized and actively participate in the democratic process.

Maduro took the opportunity to send a greeting in the name of the first combatant Cilia Flores to all those people who marched in rejection of the unilateral sanctions against the country and in support of the National President.

For his part, the first vice president of the PSUV, Diosdado Cabello, highlighted that in the next elections “the option of the Homeland against the anti-homeland” will be presented. 

“Of a firm President, who is capable of walking with his People, with the students, with the workers, with the peasants, with the women, with the family, against a group of candidates that one does not see anywhere; There is one that needs to be hit with a device from behind and has a broken crank,” he highlighted.

In that sense, Cabello reaffirmed the importance of the organization for the registration of 1×10 in view of the July 28 elections.

“They have to set the goal further, the 1×10 the only state that has more registered than Anzoátegui is Aragua, but when you see the number of voters it is not second (…) you have to register the 1×10, there is "We have to keep all the details up to date," he said. 

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