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Maduro: Venezuela will rise as an emerging power in the Global South

In a press conference from China, the President highlighted the progress in the strategic partnership with China at All Tests and All Weather

This Thursday, at a press conference offered to local and international media from the People's Republic of China, President Nicolás Maduro stressed that Venezuela will rise as an emerging power in South America and the Global South.

"For the centenary of relations between Venezuela and China, I am sure that Venezuela will have risen as an emerging power in South America, in the Global South, and there we will be hand in hand together, China and Venezuela."

This was stated by President Nicolás Maduro in a press conference before local and international media at the end of his historic visit to the Asian country, reported Presidential Press.

We have a relationship of friendship, of trust and we ratify this path, the elevation of Venezuela-China relations now to a powerful strategic association", asserted the Dignitary, who has indicated that relations are now moving to a new stage to All Test and All Time.

In this sense, he explained that the strategic partnership between both nations It addresses qualitative and quantitative aspects, which will allow us to point towards the consolidation of important areas for the development of the South American country.

“The qualitative is foolproof, because there will be nothing that will stop us on the path of developing expansion, growth, construction, a powerful economic base for the social happiness of our people, and at all times it is the quantitative in the times to come,” highlighted the president from the Hugo Chávez Room, located in the Venezuelan Embassy in China.

Achievements and advances in the strategic relationship with China-Venezuela

Photo: Presidential Press

"We had never achieved a document of the depth, strategic importance and consensus of this document that contains 30 items on all China-Venezuela relations and beyond."

This was highlighted by the Head of State and Government of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, adding that the visit to the Asian country has been successful "where we have found new ways for old issues and we have achieved new paths that will lead us to a superior relationship." .

Within the framework of the bilateral relationship, he highlighted that "for the first time in 49 years of relationship we have signed an agreement for Venezuela to place its products in the Chinese market", in which the products to be exported are coffee, avocado, octopus and fish. in its different presentations.

We have adopted an agreement on the Belt and Road Initiative. “We agreed to accelerate the signing of the plan and cooperation on the joint construction of the Road and the Belt between China and Venezuela,” highlighted the Head of State, asserting that Venezuela is the gateway to South America and Latin America.

China the greatest development force in Latin America

From the land of the rising sun, the national leader highlighted that nation as the greatest force for development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“China's economic and investment presence in Latin America and the Caribbean is the greatest force for development that the region has today.”

In this regard, he highlighted that the Asian nation is an economic superpower that seeks to build humanity in a community of shared destiny; whose concept comes from his counterpart Xi Jinping.

“China has become a financial economic superpower, but not an imperialist superpower, not a colonialist superpower, but a superpower based on the principle of peace, cooperation and shared development,” he stressed.

Likewise, he indicated that everything achieved, thanks to China, "has been a force of positive impact for the economy of the people of Latin America and the Caribbean and no one will be able to counteract that," emphasizing that the matrices of negative opinions will be defeated by the reality that It is marking the end of imperialism.

We are in the XNUMXst century, the century of the end of hegemonism, of imperialism; It is the century in which a different world was born, a multipolar world, a pluricentric world for peace, cooperation,” he highlighted.

The spirit of Venezuela will not be broken

During the press conference from the People's Republic of China, President Nicolás Maduro stated that "there will be no unilateral coercive measures that can stop the indomitable spirit of producing, working and growing" of Venezuela.

In this sense, President Maduro reported that within the framework of international law, the corresponding strategies are being sought so that the United Nations (UN) can speak out against the coercive and unilateral measures that "the West has used and abused." regarding the use of currency and financial system that has affected several countries.

"We have ratified to strengthen between China and Venezuela the group of defenders of the charter of the United Nations Organization and that it be the central element of a strategy for sooner rather than later the United Nations to condemn and reverse the systems of unilateral coercive measures," he highlighted.

Signs of friendship and brotherhood

Closing his successful work agenda in the People's Republic of China, President Nicolás Maduro gave his counterpart from the Asian country, Xi Jinping, an album with photographs of the official visit he made to Venezuela in 2014.

This was reported by the head of state in his account on the social network X.

“Ending the long day of work with President Xi Jinping, I gave him an album with photographs of his official visit to Venezuela in 2014. A solid brotherhood unites us and fills us with strength at the beginning of the Fourth Stage of the Relationship Bilateral of the highest level,” the national president published along with a video that shows the moment of delivery.

The audiovisual captures the moment when President Maduro shows the Chinese leader the album with photos of activities that both shared in July 2014 in Caracas.

In this exchange, Xi Jinping recalled anecdotes from what the presidential meeting was about.

For his part, the president of China gave the Venezuelan president a Huawei Mate phone.

“I use Huawei because it is much more secure,” said Maduro, who also recommended using the Chinese network WeChat.

“The people of Venezuela have a relationship of deep friendship and successful cooperation with the People's Republic of China, and we are working to advance strongly in the development of a new era of prosperity. I thank President Xi Jinping for his brotherhood and the immense effort to build the superpower of Peace that we admire,” President Maduro wrote on the social network.

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