Maduro: Venezuela is at peace and now an electoral process has begun

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, affirmed this Sunday during an interview with Juan Carlos Molina on the program Rompiendo Moldes on Radio 10 in Argentina, that Venezuela is a country that is at peace and has now begun an electoral process.

“Despite economic and political aggressions, coup attempts, Trump's self-proclamation and threats of invasion, Venezuela never stopped its electoral schedule and now we are going to a mega-election (…) The country this year has taken the path of Economic recovery".

In this sense, Maduro pointed out that a real economy is growing in Venezuela, an economy that meets the needs of the population. "For the first time in 100 years, Venezuela is producing practically 100% of its food."

He recalled that Venezuela for 14 months had not exported a drop of oil. "We had 14 months without exporting a drop of oil but we learned to do a lot with little, do a lot with nothing."

The dignitary referred to the fact that the country is in the crosshairs of an attack by the national and international media, political and economic oligarchy. "The continental right, a right trained in the Washington school, is used to extreme lies, to repeated lies that seek to stigmatize, mark and crush the processes of change and transforming, popular and revolutionary that have emerged in the last 100 years" .

He stressed that there is no country on the continent or in the world more attacked and more persecuted than the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

"For us that is not a symptom of self-pity, for complaining and whining, on the contrary, it is symptoms of battling, fighting, getting ahead and for difficulties to make us stronger," said Maduro.

During the interview, the Head of State reported that between 2020 and so far in 2021, more than 350 thousand nationals have returned to the country thanks to the Plan Vuelta a la Patria, «we have thousands of people registered to return to the country from various parts of the world, "he said.

«Every time we can, we send planes from the Venezuelan airline Conviasa with all expenses paid to look for compatriots in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina who have left terrified as a result of xenophobia (…) I sent you a message: come to your homeland . Here you are welcome. If you are abroad, do not speak ill of your country. I wish you luck and do not align to the right, "said President Maduro.

The national leader stressed that Venezuela had never had a migration phenomenon. "It was a safety valve" in the face of sanctions. Venezuela was forbidden to sell or buy products in the world, "we could not sell oil, gold, steel, iron, aluminum, or export products," he affirmed that the ships were being persecuted, the accounts were frozen banks abroad «were stolen more than 10 billion dollars.

“Thanks to India, China and Russia we were able to bring the medication against the covid. We had to do a triangulation and the Remdesivir cost us three times more than it costs because of the US persecution so that they would not sell us, "he said.

When asked about the impact of the sanctions on the population, Maduro stressed that the Venezuelan people are the most affected by the sanctions and the imperial blockade against the country, while reiterating that Venezuela went from receiving $ 54 billion annually to $ 460 million last year. "We did not close a school, a university, or a hospital in general, and social rights were not restricted."

"Venezuela had the highest minimum wage in Latin America as a result of the country's great income that was distributed in salaries, social improvements and as a result of the sanctions, we became one of the lowest in the region" but we have been recovering it.

For this reason, the Dignitary highlighted the creation of the Local Supply and Production Committee (Clap) that serves nearly 7 million homes in the country, to bring a monthly market to each home. "We take the market, the animal protein for us to shovel the loss of income."

He said that the issue of sanctions is to make the population suffer so that they become politically confused, to rebel against the governments and carry out color revolutions "as they have been seen elsewhere."

"The current secretary Antony Blinken is one of the great experts in the US for years in the study of sanctions and the objective is to make the population suffer," he said.

He stressed that Venezuela has had a great capacity for resilience and resistance in the face of these circumstances. "In addition to this situation, we have fine-tuned the policies to assist people with the right to food, education, housing and health (…) We have been recovering income and through the national card we have granted direct bonds to the family."

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, affirmed that his US counterpart, Joe Biden, did not reverse any of the sanctions imposed on Venezuela. "Many Americans voted for a change and unfortunately we have not seen that change," he said in an interview with Juan Carlos Molina on the program Rompiendo Moldes on Radio 10 in Argentina.

With regard to Colombia, he reported that there are 823 Venezuelans disappeared in that country, "there is a persecution." He said that the western powers defend the drug oligarchy that governs it. "In that country there is a xenophobic attack against Venezuelans."
He ratified that he will fight for the defense and rights of our nationals, therefore he will take the complaints of xenophobia and persecution of Venezuelans to the International Criminal Court.

He reported that this week they will have a working day "and we will bring the reality of Venezuela before the Court," regarding the visit that the ICC Prosecutor, Karim Khan, will make to Venezuela between today and the day after tomorrow.

In that sense, he recalled that the year 2017 had 120 days of violent harassment of the Government with calls for a coup d'état, guarimbas and insurrection in which more than 19 people were set on fire. "They tried to exploit the violence before international organizations," he denounced.



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