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Macarao and Caricuao took to the streets in support of Nicolás Maduro

Maduro assured that this Sunday the 1x10 review will be carried out in all parishes

The streets of the Caricuao and Macarao parish were filled with revolutionary militancy to demonstrate their support for the President of the Republic and presidential candidate Nicolás Maduro.

The mobilization, led by the national head of the Venezuela Our 21st Century campaign, Jorge Rodríguez, accompanied by the head of Government of Caracas (GDC) and head of mobilization of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Nahum Fernández, who highlighted that the people express their support and love for the national leader.

“Today there is a fiber that is seen throughout the country. It is a great motivation due to President Maduro's actions in favor of his people, this is the answer, love is repaid with love. This is in defense of the Venezuelan family, of young people and grandparents. It is the message that the people send to the empire, to the oligarchy and to the surnames,” said the head of the GDC.

Jorge Rodríguez assured that he will not leave the streets until he sees President Maduro's victory effective. “This is a revolutionary parish, it is an expression of loyalty to the independence and sovereignty of the Venezuelan homeland, that in Venezuela the people are president and the President is the people,” he stated.

He stressed to the people of Macarao and Caricuao that those who asked for sanctions and ask for the privatization of health and education, the elimination of the Clap, are going to come and ask for their votes, to which the people responded in ovation: No.

He reminded those present that Venezuela was the country that best attended to the covid-19 pandemic. “Who fought to bring all the vaccines and serve their people up to 4 times? Nicolás Maduro Moros! While the stateless people were in their mansions in Miami asking for more sanctions,” he said and added: “The people of Chávez will not leave the streets until the victory of Nicolás Maduro is achieved on June 28. It's impossible for them to beat us! “We are going to knock them over!” said Rodríguez.

Through a phone call, President Maduro communicated and expressed: “we are experiencing the great awakening of the Venezuelan people. I was watching the march since they started, I was at an event with the motorcycle pirouettes in El Poliedro, with the motorcycle pirouette youth of the neighborhoods and I declared it a national sport to support the neighborhoods," as he explained his absence, since the crowd He was clamoring for his presence at the event.

Likewise, the president reminded them of the importance of fine-tuning the 1×10 as a tool of the PSUV as a method to ensure victory on July 28.

He assured that this Sunday the 1×10 review will be carried out in all the parishes of Caracas and promised the people of Macarao and Caricuao to visit them soon before the elections, but first he invited 7 representatives of the sector to participate in his program Con Maduro + del next Monday to review the communal proposals of both parishes.

“Tomorrow we will be reviewing the 1×10 house by house, street by street, community by community, Ubch by Ubch. And tomorrow I will be announcing something superior, something extraordinary that will guarantee the overwhelming victory against fascism and the patrucos. Let's prepare for a great victory,” he stated.

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