Jorge Rodríguez: Even US businessmen complain about the sanctions

The head of Parliament Jorge Rodríguez / Photo Wilmer Errades

The head of the government delegation for dialogue in Mexico, Jorge Rodríguez, highlighted that the Venezuelan business sector has been one of the most affected by the overcompliance with unilateral coercive measures, a fact that was endorsed by the US Chamber of Commerce itself, criticize the misnamed sanctions, "because they have lost business opportunities."

"We brought a letter to the negotiating table, signed by the president of Fedecámaras where it was pointed out that one of the main victims of these unilateral coercive measures and of the overcompliance with these measures was precisely the Venezuelan business community."

From the headquarters of the Venezuelan Parliament, he explained, “we have already brought to the negotiating table in Mexico the evidence of everything that the Bolivarian Government has done against Covid-19 through the presidential commission. "At this time, Venezuela has the sufficient vaccine capacity to proceed to vaccinate and achieve herd immunity by the end of this year 2021," he said.

He stressed that it has been demonstrated how the process has been to overcome the blockade and be able to pass medicines, such as Remdisivir, special to combat covid-19, which had to go through up to five planes to be able to reach the country and evade "the blockade criminal".

“We have managed to bring the vaccines through cumbersome procedures, the vaccines have not arrived through the normal routes as in other countries because the blockade has not allowed it. Just as it does not allow food to arrive for the people, ”he said while recalling that not a single injector has arrived in the country with the money that“ supposedly they allocated from Monomeros for that, ”he denounced.

“We have already shown how we have been able to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Now we are going to install the social table to recover the assets of Venezuela ”.

In the next session we will present evidence on what these measures have rep



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