Jorge Rodríguez: at Guaidó's house they were looking for the requested Luis Somaza

Samoza is accused of being involved in violent acts of criminal gangs in Caracas

At a press conference offered from the Federal Legislative Palace, the president of the National Assembly (AN), Jorge Rodríguez dismissed the accusations made by Juan Guaidó regarding his possible arrest and emphasized that the security forces went to the residence of the self-proclaimed to comply with the arrest warrant against Luis Somaza.

"We are looking for Somaza who is tucked under Juan Guaidó's bed and we are going to capture him like Freddy Guevara," he said while pointing out that the arrest warrant against Somaza is for his links in the organization of the violent events that occurred. in recent days with the participation of the criminal gangs of Cota 905, La Vega and El Cementerio.

Among the conversations that Somaza had with Gilber Caro, Emilio Graterón, Freddy Guevara and Leopoldo López, he became aware of the organization of the so-called "Fiesta de Caracas" which consisted of the use of criminal gangs from the west and southwest of the capital to generate chaos and sow terror.

According to the information provided by the president of the Venezuelan parliament, "Somaza is a criminal who is wanted by the Venezuelan attorney general's office" for being involved in this operation with criminal gangs, which adds to his participation in the failed coup of the April 30, 2019 ″.

He specified that the arrest warrant against Somaza was issued by the Public Ministry in conjunction with that of Freddy Guevara who is already in custody, which is why he urged to cease the campaign of some media that indicate the detention of the extremist as a kidnapping.

«It is false that Freddy Guevara is missing. I try to perpetrate acts that violate the peace of the Republic and the Republic acts as any Republic in the world would act, ”he emphasized.



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